Stacey Abrams Looks Forward to Potentially Debating Mike Pence

Published on February 12, 2020

Stacey Abrams discusses the possibility of debating Mike Pence and the way she would update the voting infrastructure in the country.

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  • ursamagick MT 4 months ago

    She’s terrific.

  • will crow 4 months ago

    Strong, smart, optimistic, and aware, Mrs Abrams is the way forward!!!

  • Dalai Lama 4 months ago

    She needs to be institutionalized.
    Delusional af.
    But hey, they serve ??.

  • Ohnoitsthatguy 4 months ago

    does anyone really think that chump or pence are going to be debating anyone this year??

  • Brother Mine 4 months ago

    The states that kick off the primary election season should be the swing states: the states that were very close during the previous presidential election. Those are the states that will determine the result of the general election, due to the Electoral College. Also, a better voting method should be used, that let’s each voter express his/her order of preference instead of just picking one candidate. Finally, there’s no need to kick off the primary season with statewide elections of delegates; instead several dozen precincts from around the nation could vote each week for several weeks, before any state votes… precincts selected so they collectively would be representative.

  • pluggthis 4 months ago

    Ms. Abrams, I would vote for you. Hire a stylest right away. I know it seems trival to say such a thing. I know that what one wears isn’t really of any importance on a reality level. But when one is in front of cameras, wearing clothes selected to be appealing to voters is very important. There is a reason why male political figures all wear that same blue suit, white shirt, and red or blue or pink or yellow tie. They’re wearing the uniform. The uniform for female politicans is less rigoriously defined in popular culture today. I suggest you get with a stylest and figure out the correct basic uniform for you to wear while you’re campaining, then wear strong variations on that uniform anytime you appear in public and are on camera. It will help you. And will thus help you get your message out. Which is a damn good message that the people of the U.S. need to be able to vote for.

  • Drawn 4 months ago

    All completely normal and reasonable proposals… hence the party politics that dominate in America will never let it happen… we need to take control out of their hands… Dems and Repubs.

  • kodyoteymane 4 months ago

    I wish she would have won for Governor in GA.

  • Nathaniel Anderson 4 months ago

    Number One Stacy Abrams.

  • Jeffrey Komp 4 months ago

    What would Mother think of this?

  • NUKE GAY WHALES FOR JESUS 4 months ago

    She is a force of one. Her potential is unbounded, her abilities unrivaled and her energy is contagious. She could inspire the entire country to go where we never thought we could in the same vein as JFK in 1961. If she is on the ticket just stand back because she’ll need the working space. She could, if unleashed, become the most beloved political figure since FDR. It will be, literally, the greatest show on earth and 2 years from now people will be saying”donald who?”.

  • Democrat Resistance 4 months ago

    So happy for our gov Gretchen Whitmer !

  • Hester Higgins 4 months ago

    Stacey is for real!!

  • Marius Thefaker 4 months ago

    I would so love to debase Mike Pence!… what’s that you say, _debate_ Mike Pence?… oh, never mind then! ?

  • Zoe Wood 4 months ago

    I really like her ideas. I voted for her, if Kemp didn’t add new registration laws and close 9 voting booths in one district, she would have won.

  • Lea Jones 4 months ago

    Mother would not approve

  • deez nutz 4 months ago

    She looks like an ugly muppet

  • Mrs. Dixon32 4 months ago

    BERNIE/ABRAMS 2020……….MY BRAND IS MANIFESTING!!!!??????????????

    I live in Georgia and Kemp definitely cheated EVERYONE liked Stacey!!!!

  • pamela shade 4 months ago

    I Love you for your intelligence, integrity, and honesty

  • Ho Lee Sheet 4 months ago

    Black and a woman? Would totally intimidate Mike Pence.


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