Spike Lee Shares His Memory of the Day MLK Was Assassinated



  • The Red Knight 3 years ago

    Censorship is killing Creativity, welcome to the age of woke boredom! Thanks asshats in California, not enough to shit on your own streets..

  • Jacob J. 3 years ago

    if you havent seen it yet. Watch Malcolm X, one of Spike Lees greatest movies

  • Abhishek Sangavikar 3 years ago

    In contrast to this *you have Nolan’s Dunkirk movie which makes no mentioning of Blacks, Sikhs, and South Indian soldiers* from Mysore & Madras. *Why because the Whites are ashamed* to confront & accept the fact the left all the above to die over there & *rescued only those who is white.*
    Edit:- don’t know why Nolan did that but anyways his movies like prestige, inception and interstellar will perhaps be what people think about him as director.

  • Nipulkrad Msinatagras 3 years ago

    Spike Lee is in the best shape ever.

  • Darco low 3 years ago

    Yo Spike you living da dream ?

  • swingsetup 3 years ago

    Is that the guy who directed a commercial for the Navy?

  • LoverofYah 3 years ago

    Respectfully, i always thought mlk was assassinated because he was on the cusp of the reformation of the black dollar…i stand to be corrected tho

  • Daniel Lytle 3 years ago

    Jimmy faking this hard

  • tony b 3 years ago

    Why do those people never forget the “Jr” but always forget the “Dr”?

  • Pamela Leanne Freeland 3 years ago

    Powerful. I wish this segment would have been longer. I wish he’d been able to elaborate on his own personal experience and the effect he witnessed in his community from Dr. King’s assassination.

  • Retro Modernism 3 years ago

    Turn on, tune in… (must) see ‘Da 5 Bloods’.

  • CJ Lee TV 3 years ago

    The man.

  • Blackaria 3 years ago

    LOl, ok Lee was crying at 11, in Brooklyn from something that happened in Tennessee. Kamela Harris was crying “FEEEEDOOMMM”. None of them where there. Just shut up.

  • Klara Stern 3 years ago

    Pence’s tweet on MLK made me want to puke.

  • Eric Vick 3 years ago

    The glamorous call conceptually calculate because loss clasically dust sans a mixed smash. proud, dead love


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