“Spectacularly Moving” – Samuel L. Jackson On John David Washington In “The Piano Lesson”

Published on September 28, 2022

Watching actor John David Washington play Boy Willie in the Broadway production of their play, “The Piano Lesson,” is a great thrill for Samuel L. Jackson, who played the same role when the play was staged at Yale in 1987. #Colbert #ThePianoLesson #SamuelLJackson

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  • laalaa99stl 1 year ago

    You don’t have to talk to John David Washington about how to act.
    He probably already gets an earful from his dad.

  • Dan Buell 1 year ago

    How many you’alls in a sentence is too many???

  • Al Pussycat The Substantial Chanel 1 year ago

    You the man Sam!

  • Medusa Gorgo 1 year ago

    There are few people that I would watch the interview for, Mr Jackson is one of them.

  • 88cameras 1 year ago

    I’m surprised they didn’t talk secret wars???

  • Mighty One 1 year ago

    Just a dynamo of charisma, not many people in Hollywood that I look at and can honestly say ‘you earned your place here’, but Jackson is quite the talent.

  • Maureen Parker 1 year ago

    Would love to see him in anything ..love every movie he’s ever been in and commercials too lol.


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