Speaker Pelosi Puts Impeachment On Hold

Published on March 13, 2019

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi thinks Democrats need to pump the brakes on impeachment talks.

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  • Jeff Hambleton 2 years ago

    Trump has no conception of the way technology is increasing exponentially and the long term benefits it brings.
    Maybe he knows that advanced in medicine is keeping old fogies with no money alive. How about introducing euthanasia for the poor? Even eugenics. Don’t tell him, anyone. Oh, he’s already got Bolton so multiple genocide isn’t off the table.

  • Warlock Sshregraaxyrr 2 years ago

    6:35 Good grief…

  • Joseph Dalto 2 years ago

    i just ate fruit snacks

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro 2 years ago

    6:03 You know what, this is one thing he has said that actually makes some sense. He’s not the only one to point out that too heavy use of automation in aircraft and elsewhere may be counterproductive.

    Of course, he’s probably only repeating something somebody else told him …

  • tsrif tsal 2 years ago

    Impeach the entire senate! Impeach the whole house! Impeach the whole damn gov’t!

  • Anthony Whelan 2 years ago

    Colbert is a one track monkey.

  • TheGoodGuy 2 years ago

    His writers better get a raise! ?

  • Hijazi Family 2 years ago

    I still can’t believe he’s the president. I keep waiting for Ashton Kutcher to run out and be like, “You’ve all been punk’d !!!”

  • Gav New 2 years ago

    He would fight the old people but his bone spurs would flair up.

  • Alan Macphail 2 years ago

    Neither Pelosi nor Schumer are trustworthy , the corporate Democrats have the same agenda as the Republicans; they both want the lower courts with conservative, corporate friendly judges.

  • Shyamsundar Rajan 2 years ago

    The problem with impeachment is that Pence will become President and that is even worse then having Trump. The best move for Democrats is to have trump in power till elections and then win the elections.

  • Mardan P. 2 years ago

    The orange narcissist is very, very sick, indeed.

  • The bat t 2 years ago

    we could all go back to living in caves that’s simpler too

  • Zoe Kelly 2 years ago

    Imagine going back to Zeppelins. It’s a beautiful thought.

  • Callum Gillman 2 years ago

    AUSTRALIA Has had universal medical for all for ever.. we’re sooo socialist we’re nearly russian! So scary! lmao

  • juantubey 2 years ago

    That president’s knots joke had me cracking up. Lool!

  • Michael Salovaara 2 years ago

    Are those really Trump’s tweets? OMFG!

  • It Takes All Kinds 2 years ago

    The problem with impeachment is the Senate won’t convict. The republicans have already shown us trump could murder their 1st born & they”d still support him.

  • ylass 2 years ago

    National health care (single payer) UK; Singapore, France, Italy, Canada, Australia; New Zealand; Norway:Sweden: Denmark;Netherlands; Botswana:Egypt;Israel;Germany;Iceland;Spain; ect.etc Yeah Trump, they’re all gone (where) ???…..only the stupid believe the stupid

  • Chrono Bretz 2 years ago

    Honestly I agree with Pelosi unless he wins in 2020 because Republicans wont impeach him so all it does is give him an example for his witch hunt schtick it’s better to give him no fuel because it will give him a better shot in 2020 just use this time for investigations and in 2020 show his crimes during the race that would be the smart thing to do


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