Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Mueller Report & Impeaching Donald Trump

Published on May 31, 2019

Speaker Pelosi talks about her home state of California, the NBA Finals, Robert Mueller’s recent statement, reading the Mueller Report, the possibility of impeaching Donald Trump, Trump’s lies handicapping progress, how divided America really is, and recent polls on the issues that face our country – like pre-existing conditions, stricter gun laws, abortion, and climate change.

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  • Adam Alistair 6 months ago

    Infrastructure should mean upgrading our systems and people to adapt to the emerging needs of the 4th industrial revolution. Not more old ideas uselessness roads and bridges. Soon enough self driving cars will reduce traffic jams and help increase road capacity with their faster reflexes and technology to communicate with other vehicles. Plus people are gonna stop buying cars. Cars will be on order or like a subscription service saving people money since housing prices are so high some cities are nearly impossible for regular people to enter the market.

  • Mr100mani 6 months ago

    Why cant she say republicans?

  • Sam Hollywood 6 months ago


  • CJ Smith 6 months ago

    This horse keeps driveling the same bullshit and nonsense since day one they have ZERO evidence because ZERO crime was committed.

    Instead of wasting all this time trying to impeach Trump (which got you no where FAST) the democratic party should try to find someone to unite under that has a legitimate shot at beating Donald Trump in 2020.

    That being said if they don’t unite and find someone then you will only have the democrats to thank for Trumps re-election.

  • Hit Reset Button 6 months ago

    Mitch McConnell being drawn and quartered would hardly raise a tear by the American people.

  • Kidus Negash 6 months ago

    No wonder this country is so divided, you have these two spewing bs for 15 minutes and people actually use this for news.

  • D RP 6 months ago

    She’s all fluff

  • Daniel Aranzubia 6 months ago

    this is like selina meyer gone right

  • emile zola 6 months ago

    I have MILKED this BS investigation long enough
    I am cashing in my fortune , give a puzzling explanation
    get out and enjoy my dinero….FY my gullible lib friends
    signed……blind mouse MUELLER

  • Ksi Roby 6 months ago

    Trump is garbage

  • tony plow 6 months ago

    Nancy Pelosi is retarded and she looks like a corpse with dentures, she should be working for the people and getting things done instead of always going after Trump.

  • H H 6 months ago

    Speaking of healthcare, can you please have *Bernie Sanders* on?!!

  • Diana Mitford 6 months ago

    Waste of time…

  • Damien Lee 6 months ago

    Nancy Pelosi is a crooked drunk!

  • M L 6 months ago

    She can talk about getting rid of the special interest group money but trust me she doesn’t truly believe it. She’s right that it has hindered the ability to create safer gun laws but it has done MUCH more worse things that both Republicans and Democrats are VERY guilty of. This is suppose to be a government for the people, by the people but instead it’s a lot more like a country for corporations by lobbyist.

  • Randy Mejia 6 months ago


  • Debajyoti Bose 6 months ago

    She seems a little nervous ! not used to the screens !

  • Boluwarin Boluwarin 6 months ago

    Let’s take the witch hunting to late night tv

  • JoAnne Denison 6 months ago

    I wonder how many angry out of control tweets this will start by morning. fueled wth adderall and cocaine, for sure

  • keisha 21 6 months ago

    huh….. i feel like she doesn’t want to say….
    it was so vague…
    and Jimmy noticed it…


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