Space News: Shopping, Doing Chores, And Having Sex In Space

Published on May 26, 2022

In this edition of Stephen Colbert’s Space News, our host examines some of the most pressing issues facing Earthlings as we seek to spend more time off-planet. #Colbert #Comedy #SpaceNews

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  • Michael Dahmen 2 years ago

    he said ..door.

  • JustMindlessFun 2 years ago

    Remember everyone, Musk KNOWINGLY funded HEARD and her bogus claims/lawsuits

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    Spaced out with the monolog love it

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Two stories that make me think of Dejah Thoris tonight.. neat.

  • wirehyperspace 2 years ago

    i a perfect world the Russians wouldn’t have had to lock the Israeli pilot in the poop pod to eat / well it keeps yelling Hitler and had to remind him about Moses and forgetting the dung beetles and having to worship the cow [ want some more e=mc2 or just going to eat the scrapple we get shipped] ok next time we just put Nazi gold teeth coin in their so have word with grandmother and you can just look at pictures of tom cruise teeth

  • tiny99990 2 years ago

    I mean… does this mean they are gonna start sending up astronaughts that wanna bang up into space? Also whether a child could be concieved in space is important… We need to send a married couple up there to also boink for a few weeks like the world is ending, once maybe twice a day… hell more if they can… they should come back sore as hell and have difficulty walking not because the sudden return to normal gravity, but because they are both have sore genital area’s the man with aching testicles from being emptied so often and the woman sore from having been emptied in so often… It is valuable research, but it is completely ridiculous to say aloud or in text.

  • leesykate 2 years ago

    John Carter was a really enjoyable movie. Why does it get so much hate?

  • Brass Dog 2 years ago

    If intelligent life is discovered to have been existent anywhere other than earth, it will be the harbinger to the end of religion throughout the world.
    There will be war over it.

    Ironically, it’s becoming harder and harder to find intelligent life here in America.. for once again election-season has arrived.

  • G.F. Martian Shipyards 2 years ago

    Yes, a small capsule like that would be pretty inaccurate, that’s why space planes would be a superior method of delivery, but that’s harder for a small company to do. The idea is quite interesting, certainly.

  • moonmoonbirdcpt 2 years ago

    the ERP roof in Orsha in #TreeOfSavior is high too

  • Max Doubt 2 years ago

    I faced some aliens ages ago, and
    found out the best thing to do:
    just shout out “Klaatu Barrada Nicto!” And
    they won’t disintegrate you.

  • wirehyperspace 2 years ago

    well, we know ever body want to evolve to Kardashev type planets, just have to push forward to quantum hologram satellites management systems to block dim and make sun so can grow on deserts and desert planets to end global warming stop hunger, get free health care, so can have free energy mini-Oneill cylinders with laser holograms to protect ship and anti-gravity will do it cheaper then fuels so keep in mind when building anything for space like robots suits to deliver pizza and people to space station and other supplies ever do space welding where there is sulfur things will grow even H2O, make your own planets , just look at Uranus meteors and rings to guide you to make a ring planet around a planet, ok more things to do out in space like getting me my MTV

  • Adrian Colley 2 years ago

    Orbital anvil launchers! It’s happening!

  • Angel Aulet 2 years ago

    I don’t like this new writer.. this was a rather painful segment to withstand. Boring and flat . Sorry you had to go through it Steve

  • deviljon 2 years ago

    John Carter was just one of many good movies the Internet went psycho mob on that didn’t deserve the hate.

  • Susan Butler 2 years ago

    Don’t diss John Carter!

  • Karma Per Diem 2 years ago

    Extra kudos for the graphics department tonight!!
    Plus: Bonus Extra kudos for the alien hand on the steamy spaceship window!!!

  • Roller Dragon 2 years ago

    3:52 ok, never do i comment, but that ‘john carter’ dig… no, not this time, lotr boy!!! i loved it, it is now a ‘cult classic’ and you sir… need to not listen to critics… if we, the public did, star trek would never have happened, firefly would never have gotten a big damn movie and there would be no sci-fi as we know it.


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