Space News: Mars Lander InSight Has Died, No Life On Venus

Published on January 5, 2023

Space enthusiast Stephen Colbert mourns the loss of NASA’s Mars lander, and looks into reports that it’s impossible for life to exist on Venus.
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  • Mount Hykje 11 months ago

    3:45 will be repeated by a ton of flat earthers as a secret message from “them” where they admit that the Earth is flat.

  • A C Gilbert 11 months ago

    I say…take care of Earth and those who live HERE.
    Nope…we got to go out in space and see what else we can ruin

  • Anthony Petty 11 months ago

    Love that the ‘alien joey’ wanted to throw a crustacean on the flesh burning machine.

  • Lawrence D’Oliveiro 11 months ago

    3:13 That Venus picture is a false-colour image using the UV band. The clouds look spectacular in UV, unlike in visible light where they are just basically a featureless white.

  • Kimberly Harlan 11 months ago

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  • Cancun771 11 months ago

    *_Coup 2.0_*

    Tha GOP couldn’t elebct a speaker but they *had the metal detectors removed* from the Capitol *first thing yesterday.*
    They are not about democracy any more.

  • alissa mower clough 11 months ago

    Hilton? Sacrilege! It’s Howard Johnson’s all the way! Kubrick said so!

  • Jamie Watkins 11 months ago

    I wish he explained what the Australian radio telescope can do, what it contributes to science…

  • bepowerification 11 months ago

    Oh man.. its annoying when meanwhile comes on and 1/10th is real meanwhile content and all the other bullcrap is writers trying desperetaly to be funny. Seems like this is another one of these.. yeah I know, writers are supposed to write funny stuff but the meanwhile nonsense goes too far..

  • KNick 11 months ago

    Noone living on Uranus…sorry. I feel terrible

  • Justin Crandall 11 months ago

    I miss David Letterman, that is all.

  • larry785 11 months ago


  • Drew Lovelyhell 11 months ago

    A slightly cold audience, or mediocre material.


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