Southwest Contradicts Fox News, Says Chaos Not Caused by Vaccine Mandate: A Closer Look

Published on October 13, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans spreading the baseless claim that mass cancellations and delays by Southwest Airlines were due to President Biden’s vaccine and testing requirements.

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  • Terrax 3 years ago

    This video made me add biscoff cookies to my shopping list.

  • Cody Reber 3 years ago

    As a Canadian. We tend to wear t shirts where others wear winter jackets. I wear a t shirt up until you can see your breath.

  • 12-Grid 3 years ago

    Less company-required inoculations = less SW walkouts. 😉

  • Judas Iscariot 3 years ago

    Canada Goose joke doesn’t work, as a Canadian would not need to wear it that far south. #Corrections

  • Rick Fields 3 years ago


  • sam carranza 3 years ago

    What’s the difference between the Canadian accent and the Wisconsin accent,,,or Minnesota one.??

  • Dwyne S 3 years ago

    Your impression of Vince Vaughn is like my impression of an illiterate Donald Trump (so just Donald Trump), not very flattering (mine by choice)

  • Jonathon Holmes 3 years ago

    I want a Tucker Carlson impression compilation for Christmas

  • Audberto Velez 3 years ago

    agreed with bad joke,, but u made it funnier now.. lol

  • Marianne Gary 3 years ago

    Love my Seth Myers

  • Tom Robinson 3 years ago

    Geez, crowd pandering is the worst, well, mostly listening to the crowd who’s been pandered to is the worst. No audience = much better.

  • Roth Loaf 3 years ago

    The audiences are back? Seems like Seth should have mentioned it. I had to hear it from my anti-vax uncle who went to NYC for a tour of the NBC studios.
    Big Apprentice fan… just wanted to “see where god fired that Gottfried guy.”


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