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  • Marilyn Smith 3 years ago

    I love Trevor. He has a great way of bring up issues with race and equality without it being too harsh for white ppl to listen and maybe understand.

  • Lucky Msomi 3 years ago

    Personally I feel like this is a bit harsh to expect to get answers from someone who’s not a perpetrator. The purpose of having such discussions is to assist the victims have better transition and finding closure for whatever happened that may have abused or violated their rights Physical, Psychological, Emotional or even Spiritual. Then possibly have Perpetrators to face civil and criminal prosecution

    In South Africa mostly, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was started right when “Apartheid Era” ended, Meaning the Perpetrators were well alive.

    Mind you, this is not a comfortable issue to discuss. So how do we expect the Perpetrator’s offsprings to have answers as to why their great great grand father did such injustice?

    Not unless there are some Perpetrators that are still alive or continuing with such criminal acts.

    The “Doctor-Cancer” example can not be similarized with this issue as it is the Doctor’s profession to diagnose and medicate the patient. Whereas randomly asking anyone about why was Slavery done won’t bear desired results, it’s not their profession to diagnose the problem of what happened in their absentia. Otherwise if they can, then it means everyone can… then why ask anyway?

    What other people’s thoughts? ? Please share and Educate me where necessary ? thanks in Advance

  • Layla M 3 years ago

    Brilliant comedian ❤❤

  • Calliope Muse 3 years ago

    Wow, can’t remember the last time that I was this early. Been waiting for a new between the scenes. Thanks for the birthday gift, Trevor ✌??

  • Songezo Apolisi 3 years ago

    As a young South African, for me the TRC in South Africa was not effective enough. I think we still need those conversations for the new generation to know where we come from and where want to go as far as solving these petty race issues which have held us back as a human race. Because the’s also mental health issues that we as the youth inherit from our parents who were born, grew up and had famillies during apartheid, at the end of it, no trauma facilities were put in place at those townships where people saw other people get slaughtered and tortured. That is the problem with our nation at the moment, we never mentally recovered from Apartheid.

  • Wilson Irakoze 3 years ago

    Out here searching for a WWIII topic… Nothing yet?

  • Alien Coder 3 years ago

    I love Trevor but the TRC didn’t help much nor to this day can I just have a open Apartheid conversation it’s something we rather not talk about let alone to with a white person (speaking from my experience) and the injustices are still well and alive today white people who are the minority BTW own like 90% of our countries wealth after apartheid ended we were suppose to forgive and make peace meanwhile all that was stolen was never given back and the masterminds behind the Apartheid regime were never arrested adding more to the injustice. But all in all it is what it is we as black people should be thankful white people didn’t do to us what America did the the indians

  • Services by Genell 3 years ago

    Trevor I get “you” wanting to address “my and our” history. But in your first couple of sentences is why others are getting it wrong. You stated, “people of color” what are we? Orange, lime green? Then you stated “black” again black is a color. We are African Americans. My ancestors, not yours we brought from African against their will and were enslaves and their descendant were oppressed here in North America. These enslaved practices are still going on today but has evolved and manifested itself in different ways.
    You cannot speak on a history your ancestors did not go through. South Africa in itself is “European” or “white” how could this be. If you look back on how the Europeans “took over” South Africa you are no more African then the white or European settlers that stole that land and country.
    “African American use to highlight that the experiences of the people here reflect both (their origins) in the African continent and (their history) on the North American continent.”
    All those of African descent from the Caribbean coast are not African American. Others/people use the word “black” to deny their race in a mixed or biracial human being. They are not African American. Anything or person that is brown in color, people call them “Black” which tries to associate them with the African American culture, race, behaviors, ethnicity – they ARE NOT!! ARE NOT!! African American.

  • Variables 3 years ago

    why this unlisted

  • you you 3 years ago

    Not first

  • Jan Wazir 3 years ago

    Love all African American

  • Rubin lopez 3 years ago

    I would love to go visit all of Africa. Coming soon if I can get to 10k subs ❤️??✌️

  • AK Daily 3 years ago

    SA better than USA

  • Yzzy 3 years ago

    Starting 2020 with some

    *Bruh Moments*

  • Trevor Noah's Fan Vault 3 years ago

    *Sometimes I love Between The Scenes more than the Daily Show episodes itself* ???


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