SoulCycle and Equinox Owner to Host a Fundraiser for Trump



  • just1desi 8 months ago

    Why are they still going after Monica. Can they leave that woman alone for goodness sake

  • Ugo Sugo 8 months ago

    New Souldcycle and Equinox slogan:
    if you train with us, you will look like POTUS!

    BTW, just blacklisted them

  • Well Read Bull 8 months ago

    I felt Amber winking at me with the “He’s White…” line?

  • SinusPrimus 8 months ago


  • João Santos 8 months ago

    Phony name, says Drumpf.

  • Dorian sapiens 8 months ago

    I hope all those billionaire donors will finally dispel the myth that Buttigieg is progressive.

  • Pavor 8 months ago

    Why do Americans constantly blame their leaders or their political parties when their nation has been a festering pustule on humanity since the end of wwII? Plenty of Democrats have terrorized the planet, plenty of Republican and threw it all every single American has done nothing to stop it. For the other 96% of the world it is not right or left that is the problem, its America.

  • Whiteraven 8 months ago

    Seth missed an opportunity for an hentai joke on the octopus story.

  • steve coley 8 months ago

    Light vs dark. (greed). Hearts vs Egos (greed). Lovers vs haters (greed). Creators vs destroyers (greed). Earthlings vs aliens (greed). Humans vs vampires (greed). Stars vs black holes in space (greed). The light and warmth of humanity needs to go supernova to fill the black hole in space (greed) with light… so that it’s darkness (ugliness) goes away and it’s heavy gravitational pull stops sucking the joy out of life. Someone needs to tell the alien evangelical counting corpses (vampires) that the antichrist called Count(ing) Dracula (Trump) is not Jesus. The alien vampires hate light and truth.

  • Peter Matthews 8 months ago

    Trump wasn’t paying much attention to the Beto V Cruz senate race ted narrowly won. Beto brought the receipts showing that’s what he was called from a very young age when Ted Cruz made the same accusation. Trump made no mention of Ted Cruz so he must think he won the Senate race against Beto O’Rourke.

  • gary singh 8 months ago

    Democrats playing victim card.2016-17,U.S. gave Central America $1,125 million.1day 5,000 border crossing.40,000 factories shut down 70,000 went over sea? 5 million job loss Housing crises, $ prison system, worse immigration system. U.S pays +50% tax but U.S debt is $22 trillion.Blame president Trump.
    Democrats in Fairyland, In few hours Iraq war resolution was passed? Y nt Immigration resolution. China tariffs to U.S 25%.

  • Greg Hartwick 8 months ago

    “He’s White AND a Testicular American

  • Heather Mimi Wahlquist 8 months ago

    Go away. You’re boring.

  • Ms Peggy Lee 8 months ago

    Brilliant Closer/Look!!! ?

  • AllAboutTheAFC 8 months ago

    Soulcycle? Are they raising money to find if Trump actually has a soul?

  • Real world 8 months ago

    Trump is slower…

  • Mr Scratch 8 months ago

    So these people had a fundraiser for Trump. So what?
    Do you Nazis have your panties in a bunch?

  • Toni Calhoun 8 months ago

    I love gay people but if we elect a gay man before a woman, we have a deeper seeded issue in our culture

  • teonna weakfall 8 months ago

    Yay i live in Syracuse

  • joel Putnam 8 months ago

    He makes the “Bamboo Billionaire” look like the Dalai Lama


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