Song for Women 2017 (feat. DJ Mansplain): The Daily Show

Published on December 19, 2017

The women of The Daily Show highlight some of the victories women achieved in 2017.

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  • hanz 64 2 years ago

    This worshipping people because their women is pissing me off then men here are all spineless and saying yes love u women wtf u get some disgusting women like Hillary over there. and the women are getting praised for shit. i would like to accomplish things in the near future when im an adult without this lot having to mention my gender tht had nothing to do with u being a boxer or a scientist these guys who are “feminist ” say oh i box and im a women like its a fuckn disability u wanna be respected maybe stop mentioning ur gender in all the shit u accomplish people will know u for being good at the task bot being good at the task and being a woman. Its has nothing to do with anything its like saying ob look im famous i do professional running im the first dyslexic runner u see how dyslexia haas nothing to do with running yaa….

  • Aarthi Chanemougame 2 years ago

    Best ever ❤

  • israel blackwell 2 years ago

    #Hillary2020 please lol

  • Ms K Jones 2 years ago

    ladydicks? okie doke!

  • Nati 2 years ago

    Best song ever

  • Dalisu Ngobese 2 years ago

    Hillary thirsty though damn, she everywhere lmao

  • Victoria Appiagei 2 years ago

    Funny Cool Awesome skills comedy Awesome black culture

  • Chao Lee 2 years ago

    Underwire of a bra Lmfaoooooo

  • John Lawler 2 years ago

    Victories? Being president sure wasn’t one of them.

  • Strategic MesSager 2 years ago

    Desi Britta’d it for comedy’s sake.

  • Spooks McGhie 2 years ago

    So much cringe

  • Siobhán Elizabeth 2 years ago

    People need to: First, calm the heck down: this is first & foremost satire of politics and the music industry, then political commentary, then a song. They aren’t trying to win a Grammy or a Pulitzer; Second, stop believing conspiracy theories & go back and research all the garbage you’re commenting about (hopefully ppl know who this refers to.) Because the stuff about Hillary is just factually wrong, Americans look stupid to the world for believing all this & allowing Trump to become POTUS bcuz we believed stuff that was so damn untrue. If I thought for a moment 1/10th of the stuff about HRC was true, I’d be the 1st to criticize because I expect more from ppl on my side of the political spectrum than I do from the other side. But it just isn’t. The things ppl believe about her are akin to the garbage you see on Ancient Aliens & YouTube videos about Sept 11 & Sandy Hook being a False Flag/Fake. Just. Stop. It.

  • Emmanuel Christopher 2 years ago

    Amazing! lol

  • hydro1957 2 years ago

    Womb swing vs mansplain

  • Ellisar Atranimus 2 years ago

    Roflmao; this is perfect for summarizing why everybody just laughs at the left’s insane politics. I mean bravo! It truly is hard to pack an entire year of cringe into a single song and the way you throw in the worst candidate in history who *STILL* hasn’t accepted that she lost because nobody likes her and traveled the globe to whine and complain while insulting the voter base. Truly masterfully crafted cringe material right here.

  • Phoenix Bandera 2 years ago

    And you people wonder why everyone hates liberals

  • Anne Pacey 2 years ago

    Cringe full of vomit. Seriously who finds this funny, maybe the same people who find Amy Schumer to be funny.?

  • Emmanuel Ketum 2 years ago

    I hate comedy at times… like at 5:21 my brain was totally confused if that’s the real Hilary Clinton or just some woman kidding around

  • The Gohst 2 years ago

    Dude it’s sicks song tho

  • Alisky 2 years ago

    “It makes me so sad, I got a daughter”…that was perfectly subtle


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