Sofia Vergara Reveals Joe Manganiello’s Dungeon and Dragons Obsession

Published on September 28, 2017

Sofia Vergara tells Seth about how her husband, Joe Manganiello, is obsessed with playing Dungeons and Dragons and built his own dungeon in their wine cellar.

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  • DayInDaLife 3 years ago

    who is this girl? Never heard of her before

  • Ro G 3 years ago

    “Yes! There is hope for us after all. Charisma points +3!” – nerds everywhere.

  • Alternative Spicer 3 years ago

    3:23 Bet there’s a lot of girls who would like to see Joe Manganiello’s “dragon”

  • Sanyukta Singh 3 years ago

    Joe and Sofia are the hottest couple ever

  • SittingOnAPorch 3 years ago

    what a fun couple- of course, he’s into DnD… haha…love it. Don’t love the description of a game table as a “dungeon” but ok, do you, fancy Hollywood people. Also sounds like Sofia snagged a DM- what a special level of geek! And she brings them coffee! hes so lucky!

  • Spencer Green 3 years ago

    I know he’s been trying to get a D&D movie made for years, i think he even purchased the rights for it as well

  • New Message 3 years ago

    When I think of girls who play D&D, I see Sophia on the couch there… When they show up to play D&D, they look like Sophia did in the Steelers gear.


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