So You Want to Be a Supreme Court Justice?



  • Yugioh Kick Ass 2.0 2 years ago

    I think this has many values, cause I’m all about my values which I value to be huge. Hahaha 😂 I’m hilarious

  • Tracyann Thomas 2 years ago

    Jimmy rocks!!! 🤣😂 He really nails the Trump impersonation with all the mannerisms. Spot on Jimmy – as always!! You’re the best!!! 👍💜

  • Nicholas Garnett 2 years ago


  • Yugioh Kick Ass 2.0 2 years ago

    The sixty thumbs downs are all Trump voters 2020! Haha

  • SAMN GAMING 2 years ago

    Is this Trump Or KP Oli😂😂😂

  • Jonathan Kaauwai 2 years ago


  • GamingIsLife 2 years ago

    Ending is the best part though… BUT should have been FoxNews. Trump’s own station that will promote anything and any “news” he wants after all.

  • Dequante Carson 2 years ago


  • Varun choudary j 2 years ago

    Justice to world if Chinese are banned 😂

  • Lorraine Kelly 2 years ago

    We’re just screwed if this happens. All these damn Republicans are such hypocrites. Use my words against me 🙄 they wouldn’t let President Obama elect someone to the Supreme Court 200 days before an election but they are going to let this donkey do it 40 days before election. If it happens we’re just totally screwed. All of RBG’s work will go down the hole. That’s just horrible. I pray something can be done to stop it. Jimmy is right the Republicans are in a hurry because they know that Jerk! is going to lose God willing. Yes I’m a Christian who cannot stand dump didn’t vote for him couldn’t stand then never liked him always knew he was horrible. The only hoax I see is him playing a Christian for the past four years.

  • ingo 2 years ago

    A current all-round blow to the government
    Who has dared to get out again and should now pick up the deserved beating
    If here also briefly someone has time and desire:
    Since you can grade (who knows how long the comment is still open)
    So right to the point statements

    E. G.:
    Police Headquarters Aalen
    The Police Station Schorndorf Police Post Welzheim
    Polizeiposten Gottlieb Bauknecht Platz 3 73642 Welzheim

    Date :24.8.2020
    Name: hi….er
    By-election: 074182 92810
    Reference number: st / 1527777 / 2020

    Ingo mack
    M…. U…e 7x


    Dear Mr. mack,
    In the investigation of resistance and insult is intended to
    As accused.You will be asked to register on
    Friday, 28.8.20 at 11: 00am
    At the Welzheim police station, Gottlieb-bauknecht-Platz 3, 73642 Welzheim
    Under presentation of this summons.

    If the appointment cannot be perceived, I ask you for notification.

    The following documents are required for the hearing:
    (x) national identity card or passport

    Best regards
    H……r phk

    So if I understand correctly ,
    I am accused of insult and resistance.

    Why am I not charged with intentionally trying to buy a box of cigarettes?
    Brand Lucky Strike, in crime unit with attempted payment by valid credit card
    In the offices of Aral Tankstelle Schorndorf, Stuttgarter Strasse 36

    Normally, you should be punished for what you have done to others.
    And not for what others have threatened and done to you?
    I have the saleswoman who had stared at me hatefully because I
    This mask can not wear (health reasons based on
    Long-standing removal and demolition work of asbestos-containing sanitary partitions
    Are due to)
    She did not respond to my excuses with a word and insisted on her
    Me deeply insulting kind on your in this case not applicable domestic law
    And threatened me with the police.
    What you then also shortly after with a phone call with a number you memorized
    Had to know because she did not have to think for a second (probably out of habit and
    Frequently used because of your house right which is constantly violated by customers)

    The two police officers entered shortly afterwards and asked me to come outside.
    I asked the two police officers very politely why I had no right in this store
    To make use of the services offered.

    Unfortunately, the two officials could not tell me either.
    I accompanied them out and a so-called protocol was to be filled in.
    I asked them why, they replied to me that I was guilty and they
    Task would have to make me realize that I have nothing to buy here. and if I don’t
    Offspring want quite simply for a night in the holding cell in the police station Schorndorf
    Can think about it in peace.

    I found this explanation not helpful, but rather offensive.
    I am 64 years old, have been an independent craftsman for 40 years
    And in all this time not a single time of respect persons
    So rotten.
    So I assumed that the two wanted to make a joke.
    But that was not the case.
    They were serious.

    Filling out the interrogation protocol turned out to be more tedious than I had initially
    Since the filling official had not accepted the things I had to say and put on record
    Wanted to give, so my motives for the crime committed (want to buy cigarettes and
    Not to receive these and instead by means of two with each one loaded Walther p2000
    Handgun to be thrown out of police stocks Armed Forces)
    And still some Details not clear to me but now focus on the behavior of the officials
    Related to me.

    We could not agree that I as a former civil servant with on Lifetime
    Deposited civil servant oath may not allow me to be incomplete on an official document
    Or not to sign the truthful information. And a copy thereof
    Countersigned to make or receive.
    In addition, in the further course of the negotiations, my mobile phone was taken from me and secured “as evidence” as the two policemen called it.
    All this escalated unintentionally by me to the point that the two policemen lost patience with me and pointed out that they would note on the record that I had refused to sign (without giving reasons) and therefore to the now due
    Arrest would pass.

    That surprised me a bit.
    I have not been able to carry out my crime, if you can even call buying a box of cigarettes that. Then why should I be arrested for this?
    So that was new to me. and correspondingly surprising.

    So to make it short:
    The two became violent.
    One turned my right arm backwards and pushed it up a bit, which I considered very
    Painfully felt and commented accordingly. de andere meanwhile pulled out a real steel handcuff, turned my left arm on my back, which also did not cause any pain and closed me briefly.

    Then the two brought me to the ground to tie my legs.
    I found this process degrading. and also quite unprofessional because it lasted longer and provoked me more than necessary. inappropriate police force exerted on an innocent sovereign of this country who was in the middle of his hometown because of an unsuccessful attempt to buy cigarettes with brute force which was also occasionally exerted on my sensitive neck near my larynx (also painful) and I got very close to a hard stone edge while forcing myself down with the back of my head which caused me some concern.

    This whole spectacle, which seemed surreal to me, lasted for hours under the threat of my life to be rendered so helpless by an overpowering violent group of people that one should actually be ashamed of oneself as a sovereign to pay these employees of the judiciary faithfully and well-behaved regularly with his tax funds.

    I was then dragged into the back of the police car after a complete defeat very rudely and unkempt and pushed and pulled because all this was not so easy for these two muscular gentlemen to tie me somehow properly so that I do not happen on the way.
    No I did not resist this unworthy action, how could I, exhausted and completely unable to move as these two had made me? I was completely incapacitated and could not resist.

    We then visited the county hospital, the emergency room, where the doctor on duty was supposed to determine my adherence and only nodded with a quick glance at my bound arms and legs. so blood was not taken from me, an eye-mirror or an oral control look and or blood pressure measurement was also not necessary and pulse measurement or other closer examinations were also accounted for. just a look and everything was ok. A professional.

    It was about half past eleven at night when I finally arrived with the two officers at the guard and was stripped, my shoes and wristwatch could be robbed as well as the other loose items.

    Finally, These painful ankle cuffs and handcuffs escaped I really did not care what else everything is offered in the futile attempt to buy cigarettes in Schorndorf I was rather pleasantly surprised about the peace and soothing yawning emptiness in the cell, after the clinkless steel door had closed there by itself and from the outside.

    With a friendly greeting ingo mack.

    If you can report such a thing and or supervisory complaint as well as damage claim and insult actions of a civil and official nature and also give the cashier with an injunction or similar answer, would be very connected (also because of the 1.5 hour in the morning still took place determination of my external characteristics in any Form). honestly: inwardly I boiled with anger, but I would rather not let myself notice

  • LOH ZHEN TAO Moe 2 years ago

    this is so funny… 😆😆😆

  • Comand94 2 years ago

    A judgette… rofl.

  • Someone Else 2 years ago


  • Flordeliza Cabading 2 years ago


  • Randay Year2525 2 years ago

    You left out Judge Roland Freisler.

  • ThatBritishJedi 2 years ago

    😂I love jimmy so much

  • parker barefoot 2 years ago

    Has anybody seen a joke so old and over reached??? Know I haven’t… Jimmy seems to have friends who like 🍕 a little too much.

  • Moises Marquez 2 years ago

    Lol this was kinda scary. I feel like trump possessed him during the values bit 😂😂😂

  • Sidilicious 2 years ago

    I’ll bet Dumpty would love to have a swimsuit contest be part of picking a female nominee for the Supreme Court.


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