So Much Russian Influence, So Little Time

Published on February 16, 2017

Stephen thought his monologue would be about the day’s one major news story. Then another one happened. Then a third.

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  • KingOfMadCows 3 years ago

    And you get a scandal! You get a scandal! You get a scandal! Everybody gets scaaandaaals!

  • Sick Stress Productions 3 years ago

    If Trump loves Russia so much, he should to move to Siberia. Cold and uninviting match his personality perfectly.

  • Captain Obvious 3 years ago

    Any programmers out there know how I can make an “alternative” boolean? I mean I know there’s true and false, but what about alternative data types, in which it can be false, but seem true to millions of idiots?

  • FreneticKey 3 years ago

    I feel so sorry for Hillary Clinton — we all know russia hacked the election.

  • Skill Up 3 years ago

    Wow, Trump’s cabinet is dropping faster than his approval ratings.

    Nah, just fucking with you. Nothing is dropping faster than that.

  • spareluck 3 years ago

    It’s like watching the TItanic sink, except this time you just hope everyone drowns

  • Why you gotta go there 3 years ago

    I just don’t know how some people live with so much hypocrisy. When Obama was letting some things with Russia slide he was “a weak mom jeans wearing leader” and now Trump gives Putin morning blow jobs, and he is just “trying to make sure WW3 does not happen like a real leader you stupid cucks.”

    Edit* By the way Trump supporters please do spare me the comments about how I’m someone that excuses Obama’s problems. I’m not a fan of Obama. I just hate trump much much *MUCH* more.

  • Marco Joseph Cheung 3 years ago

    US citizens should start practicing the Soviet anthem in preparation

  • Ruben Jensen 3 years ago

    “USA Live” is my favourite reality show

  • André Salazar 3 years ago

    >Trump was in contact with russians during campaign
    >Trump jokes about how Russia should hack Hillary
    >Dems get hacked
    >”I know this looks bad but u can’t prove shit” – trump supporter

  • Steel Nation 3 years ago

    Katy Name is damn fine tho.

  • Clash 3 years ago

    Trump Administration:

    *Where there’s smoke…*

    *there’s liars.*

  • Gusstavv's Stuff 3 years ago

    So much winning on Trumps side. He must be so bored he has started not to win so much.

  • Roy keane 3 years ago

    Trump and his supporters are a disgrace to human race.

  • Jerry To 3 years ago

    So can Oprah make Trump release his tax returns?

  • Archer Sterling 3 years ago

    The Falcons blew a 25 point lead and the Russians picked our President.

  • Misty Marshmallow 3 years ago

    Colbert. What a legend. He deserves a billion more followers.

  • chrisgoes bleh 3 years ago

    I wonder how Trump supporters are defending their president now

  • msms47 3 years ago

    Leaks on Hillary = OK
    Leaks on DNC = OK
    Leaks from Hockers Viginas = OK

    Leak on Trump EHHHH NO thats a NO NO ! leaky leaky things are bad now !

  • MisterBassBoost 3 years ago

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