Snoop Dogg on 4/20, Best Vegetable to Smoke Out Of & His Quarantine Room

Published on April 20, 2020

Snoop talks about celebrating 4/20, the only person that has ever out-smoked him, the quarantine room in his house, hosting roller skating parties on Instagram, his video complaint for Bill Gates when the Madden server went down, his favorite weed, and he answers some 4/20 inspired questions in honor of the holiday. Jimmy will be making a donation to a worthwhile cause that is chosen by our guest every day during this quarantine. Snoop chose the special needs division of the Snoop Youth Football League. Please help support this program for underserved kids. Go here to donate – #JimmyKimmelLiveFromHisHouse

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  • Steph 4 months ago

    Y’all saw Snoops Snapchat live stream with P-Diddy? XD

  • Kristian Hajnal 4 months ago

    Jimmy claims that he’s not high.
    I don’t believe a word of that

  • Miss Daisy 4 months ago

    Willie Nelson is the king according to Snoop Dogg!

  • MaRs Oblivi0n 4 months ago

    I wondering how faded jimmy is in comparison to snoop dogg on this night. You can tell ole jimmy took advantage of quarantine and just got away with doing his monologue fried from home this year.

  • Jessie Walker 4 months ago

    Fruity pebbles

  • Daniel Evans 4 months ago

    Captn’ Crunch will destroy your mouth. Like eating soggy shards of glass.

  • Ms B 4 months ago

    Yes trump is stupid…..I loved your show….every thing you said about trump is true….oh your daughter intro to the show is adorable…..I enjoy you…

  • Imam Malaysia 4 months ago

    *Just be yourself.What a legend*

  • Daundre S. 4 months ago

    Happy 420 snoop! 😼🤘🏽✨

  • c0mptar2000 4 months ago

    What the hell kind of question was that. “What does water taste like?” Has Jimmy never smoked before? lolol

  • Patricia Aguilar 4 months ago

    Happy birthday to my daughter

  • Christopher Del Castillo 4 months ago

    Happy 4/20 everyone one in all. ☁️☁️☁️☁️ Have a puff be marry enjoy life it’s 4/20. ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️

  • Please enter a name ? 4 months ago

    I’m High.🗣💨😷💆🏿🥴

  • Artic Designs 4 months ago

    Two Hollywood sellouts. I remember when they were real

  • MagicSantos 4 months ago

    Happy 420 to all stoners! Puff puff ugh ugh pass!😉👌👍😄😄✌

  • T Brown 4 months ago

    Poblano pepper.

  • Endora TheWitchWriter 4 months ago

    I just want to sit in Do a house, not smoke or eat anything, just soak it all in😁

  • So Sha 4 months ago

    They were so baked, they forgot to talk about COVID-20 lol

  • Ryan Dunsford 4 months ago

    It’s the nugsbunny and weedie show

  • David Goeken 4 months ago

    Don’t drink water, fish poop in water🙄😬😁


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