Slavery Scenarios Infect U.S. Schools | The Daily Show

Published on May 5, 2018

Teachers across the U.S. spark outrage for casually inserting inappropriate references to slavery into class assignments.

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  • Maeve Riden 2 years ago

    I wish I knew a bit more about the “good/bad” things about slavery list, because the idea of examining why it not only existed in this country, but was so prevalent is sound- if it’s such a horrible thing, why did people do it in the first place? Systems like this don’t evolve without reason, so what were the reasons? It’s important to acknowledge that there were reasons, and what those reasons were, even if it now seems so obvious that they were not sufficient to justify the tremendous and lasting suffering that resulted, because so much of the awfulness of the world comes from people with what they believe to be “good reasons”. It’s important to understand the reasons behind an action, a system, if you are going to fight against it most effectively, perhaps even learn to win former adversaries over by making well-thought arguments against their reasoning.

    In the right framework, with the right teachers, this could be a significant examination, with important parallels to circumstances in society today- EVERYONE thinks they have the “good” reason side filled up, and not enough folks are bothering to look at their own “bad” side.

    I don’t know if the teacher who gave the assignment had intentions at all in line with what I’m describing- maybe they were just being horrible. But if they were trying to teach kids that someone can have “good” reasons and still be very wrong, that is an important lesson.

  • Alvarito PR 2 years ago


  • James Rozenshteyn 2 years ago

    Teachers do this about the holocaust too

  • Ald Performance 2 years ago

    I would say be fair and do the same thing with teaching about native Americans but I mean they’re almost all gone due to uh disease and genocide so ??‍♂️ guess no one will get that lesson in school right ?

  • Alejandro Carter 2 years ago

    White women are evil.

  • No More PC 2 years ago

    Hi Trevor why not tell the people the truth about your own history?

  • andrewhalo100 2 years ago

    But there were positives to slavery
    Economic, logistical, Hell its the manpower most nations were built on one way or another.

    Yes it’s horrible
    No we shouldn’t do it

    But back then slaves did the work that couldn’t have been done to build modern societies.
    You can’t worry about high level government structures if you have to feed yourself. You can’t build massive road systems stretching across Europe without massive cheap labor.

    That is what they wanted kids to understand. It’s horrible, but it made sense to normal people at the time. Which if you ask be is the best antislavery message you can give, normal people like you accepted this, so make sure you don’t make a similar mistake of acceptance in life.

  • Shining Darkness The Fallen 2 years ago

    Idk we got the piramids; ah slavery that’s so far removed in time and place to where we are that… No it’s still not funny…

  • AdiShaktiDakini 2 years ago

    Horror ?

  • Mark Pemberton 2 years ago

    America’s education system is completely fucked and the future doesn’t look good.

  • Dan Boyle 2 years ago

    “Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

  • Dragon Fist 2 years ago

    My Latin teacher had us do a gladiator battle as a final

  • Каблуки Путина 2 years ago russia and nigas slaves brozershood!

  • Meltoss 2 years ago

    2:17 Silly Trevor, you know slaves didn’t have homes.
    *_They had stables_*

  • Alex Thomas 2 years ago

    Just for native American land

  • Alex Thomas 2 years ago

    WTF did natives get

  • Gamer X 2 years ago

    ‘10% said the winner was captain America’ seriously how dumb Americans can be??

  • Rangel Costes 2 years ago

    Civil war was due to unification

  • Alex Stone 2 years ago


  • Samuel Dunne 2 years ago

    Watch his hand motions at 2:10


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