“Slate Political Gabfest” Hosts: People Are Being Offered Pardons Who Don’t Want Pardons

Published on December 9, 2020

It’s the 15th anniversary of the “Slate Political Gabfest” and hosts John Dickerson, Emily Bazelon, and David Plotz join BIG FAN Stephen Colbert to discuss the effects of the president’s potential deluge of pardons. Find the “Slate Political Gabfest” wherever you get your podcasts. #Colbert #Podcasts #SlatePoliticalGabfest

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  • uosdwiSrdewoH 2 years ago

    I love that after Stephen asks the question he is left completely out of the conversation and they are all talking to each as if he’s not there and it’s just a recording of the podcast.

  • Tsuka 2104 2 years ago

    Washington bureaucrats will never understand that if trump said the sky was green, his followers would believe it. Facts or not, this rot has set in. America has forever been changed

  • HayoEntertainment 2 years ago


  • vaughan betts 2 years ago

    Podcast guest with shit mic… yep

    upgrade your shit fools

  • Rebecca Uhl 2 years ago

    Who else thinks Trump his 3 oldest kids and Jared need to be charged?? 🙌🙌

  • Matthew Charman 2 years ago

    Crimes must be punished. More so among the powerful!

  • Nathaniel Winkelmann 2 years ago

    Which Tolkien podcasts does Stephen listen to?

  • Meta Capitalism 2 years ago

    Earmarks are the gateway drug to Trump.

  • Dennis Schohan 2 years ago

    The funniest would be if Trump pardons Clinton.

  • xyzz Doe 2 years ago

    Really, you don’t even want to contest pardons given to subvert the cause of justice, which was never the reason behind allowing pardons? And David Plotz -his idea is just give up on investigations because nothing might happen???!!! Investigations MUST happen, not just to set warnings for future powers, but to show all citizens what happened and to try to restore faith in the political system.

  • Kaleigh MacKay 2 years ago

    I know T***p wants to bring back capital punishment, but Biden should 1-up him, and bring back stock locking as a viable punishment, and lock people up in the town square so that they have no option of walking away if anyone comes up and tries to talk to them. Put out some tomatoes for the kids, and let them thrown them at his big dumb head

  • agreen0401 2 years ago

    We cannot NOT investigate. At least know what he did! This country has literally been abused! The stress alone has done visible damage. Find out what he did. Even if you don’t prosecute!

  • B6 schilke 2 years ago

    If they won’t police themselves it is left to the media

  • Cy * 2 years ago

    I wanted to like this podcast a lot but it’s just super boring

  • Cullain 2 years ago

    The legacy of Donald Trump can be laid squarely at the feet of Mitch “We’ll do absolutely anything to hold on to power” McConnell…

  • darryle evans 2 years ago

    you have laws or you don’t. makeup your mind, I think you people just like corruption.

  • guiwhiz 2 years ago

    5:00 this guy is seriously suggesting that somehow a thorough investigation, you know following the rule of law, is a bad thing?! That takes political ‘awareness’ to an epically failed level. Let’s be blunt any DoJ honest investigation into the Trump Administration is going to be overwhelming in scope. This is the largest RICO case of all time basically. The sheer number and scale of the crimes committed is daunting enough to feel like facing the Aegean stables as a task. However, he is forgetting one incredibly crucial thing. This is NOT like any other time in history. This is our litmus test in front of the world for Democracy itself. Without hyperbole the question of whether we truly act as a nation under the rule of law is very real right now.

    If the state of NY finds, as it almost certainly will, that a variety of crimes have been committed; many of which carry mandatory jail sentences and tries and sentences Donald Trump and his three eldest children and the Federal DoJ does NOTHING? Do you have ANY idea the level of distrust both domestically and internationally the US government would have after that? Look up the square root of a negative number and get back to us.

  • Simon Greenaway 2 years ago

    You wouldn’t want David to be in power. Sounds like he lacks conviction and rocking the boat.

  • Mélissandre L. 2 years ago

    Love the new band presentation <3 I hope one day I'll see them play live.


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