Skeletons In The Cabinet: Scott Pruitt

Published on October 26, 2017

Stephen does an in-depth dive into the recent actions of Donald Trump’s Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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  • TorikShai 3 years ago

    Say what you want about Voldemort, but “a horcrux in every home” is a pretty progressive health care plan.

  • Jordan Neff 3 years ago

    I really like that little John window there. Do more of that #colbert.

  • SpukiTheLoveKitten75 3 years ago

    Loved the end! The scientists are not going to be silenced no matter what Pruitt and Co. do! Give those trogs The Finger and keep on sciencing! FIRST AMENDMENT, BABY!

  • SMILEMAN 3 years ago

    Read this “Thank you for your interest in this topic. We are currently updating our website to reflect EPA’s priorities under the leadership of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt. If you’re looking for an archived version of this page, you can find it on the January 19 snapshot.”

  • happyleaf 3 years ago

    Amen Stephen Colbert Voice of the Eagle’s Heart

  • clipobserver 3 years ago

    Why isn’t Pruitt fired? A dozen agents for a EPA guy and oh yes, use for Gov’t Planes which is something Tom Price got fired for and replaced by Voldermort.

  • Nafisa Tabassum 3 years ago

    Eeeeh, Stephen may be a LOTR expert, but obviously not a Potterhead…. that metaphor doesn’t really work. It’d be like putting Voldemort in Muggle Studies or Defense Against the Dark Arts… or maybe Gringotts.

  • Joyce Russell 3 years ago

    trumps cabinet picks are the worst of the worst… They are robbing US taxpayers blind

  • Richard Steuer 3 years ago

    I would’ve made the joke about Trump having made Voldemort Secretary of Defense Against The Dark Arts.

  • Robert Gaines 3 years ago

    The end of the video is FANTASTIC!

  • Fubblin 3 years ago

    This explains why republicans love him so much. After all, you don’t need to waste money funding an Environmental Protection Agency if there is no environment to protect. It just makes sound fiscal sense doesn’t it?

  • FrankLightheart 3 years ago

    Give Scott a break. It’s not like scientists have anything to say about the science of climate change.

  • Masae 3 years ago

    It’s too bad people like Pruitt are paid to lie by the fossil fuel industry, which means it doesn’t matter what the facts are, nor how much damage is done; they’re making bank, so they will never, _ever_ give a fuck.

    Until we become wholly energy independent and render fossil fuels obsolete, this will never end. And that’s EXACTLY why the fossil fuel industry is so invested in climate change denial; so long as they control the energy, they control everything. Stop letting them lie to you, and stop pretending it’s mere ignorance; no, it’s 100% intentional.

  • Purple Violet 3 years ago

    Middle finger is the best..

  • Mark xkx 3 years ago

    Pure scumbag, profit at all costs. Very depressing

  • PK Saenz 3 years ago

    Climate Change is the greatest threat to mankind, America and the World. Trump is the second greatest threat!

  • Peter Hensel 3 years ago

    Trump is winning way to much so it would be great if Colbert could make up some juicy fake news that finally turns the tide on this evil, evil man. He could say stuff like Trump is a closet drunk or something. Come on Stephen put your critical thinking cap on and get Trump. America is depending on you.

  • Kilo Mintoni 3 years ago

    I wonder what Nixon would think about this cocksucker setting back his agency’s accomplishments.

  • Letta Mego 3 years ago

    Why is the population of the US paying taxes when they are, not only not represented, they actually are being sickened and killed?

  • fudgerknuckle 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh that John guy interrupts the show with all his laughing.


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