Skeletons In The Cabinet: Scott Pruitt And Ryan Zinke

Published on April 20, 2018

An update on the big-spending EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and Interior Secretary-turned-imaginary geologist

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  • Kylie Mu 12 months ago


  • Jasraj Singh Bhinder 12 months ago


  • SatansZombie 12 months ago

    I’m here!!!

  • New Message 12 months ago

    Oh no.. don’t call the Cabinet ‘The Bone Zone’…. even though that’s probably what Trump calls in when the Steno pool shows up.

  • School of Baccarat 12 months ago

    Hi Maddie!!

  • Jacob Scott 12 months ago

    Definitely not first

  • Deep State Raccoon 12 months ago

    Stephen Colbert, triggering conservatives nightly!

  • Kim Jong Fun 12 months ago

    Unqualified for the job is the only qualification you need in Trump administration.

  • paul lymberopoulos 12 months ago

    is that the cone of silence from “get smart”?

  • Justin Tovar 12 months ago

    Maybe if we had not let climate change destroy the atmosphere, God would return, he just can’t find it cause of all the fossil fuels

  • Andria Marie 12 months ago

    Get smart-the cone of silence….

  • TheReal008Zulu 12 months ago

    Zinke better not claim he is a geologist when he goes to prison for perjury, the other inmates might try to start mining him, using explosive fracking.

  • Gracie C. 12 months ago

    As a geologist… This schist is appalling. You might think Zinke is the devil because he smells like brimstone but he’s really just a sulfuric ash hole!

  • ernesto garcia 12 months ago

    Ryan Zinke: Lies about being a geologist and yes man.
    Scott Pruitt: wastes million on his ego and yes man.
    Betsy Davos: refuses to pay teachers and yes man.
    John Bolton: wants to bomb everything and everyone and yes man.
    John Kelly: tries to control trump and most likely to be fired next.
    Larry Kudlow: TV personality and yes man.
    Ben Carson: Black people’s Benedict Arnold and yes man.

  • Smokin aces 12 months ago

    He did notified Congress only Congress misunderstood Scott Pruitt.
    They thought he was miming.

  • mickael delatre 12 months ago

    Zinke : “my magmatic chamber is about to erupt after seeing you”

    We have a lot of these in store – after all, when you are alone on a field study, you have to be imaginative.

  • Kaempfdog 12 months ago

    Meanwhile Chicago as usual tells us that there is no global warming. Just global cooling. Is it true everywhere else? Yes. But we fucking get snow on and off til May.

  • Simone 12 months ago

    Getting quite mossy in the white house huh, is anyone under the age of 50 and not suffering from an acute case of testosterone? :3
    (take it easy, Im just kidding around. But maybe something to think about?)

  • Philip Vanderwal 12 months ago


  • Orlando Olmo 12 months ago

    Thank you for using comedy to point out the obvious corruption of the Drumpf presidency. Let’s hear some comedy about the obviously collusion with that corruption from the Dems. Give the Republicans some love as well. Harris is no better, an AG that didn’t go after the low hanging fruit of bank fraud after a nice fat donation by said bank. Really!?


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