Sirens Disrupt The Show’s Taping Again – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show



  • Jens 2 years ago

    such a New York conversation. i was staying in midtown once and virtually every two minutes there was a siren somewhere. In Berlin where i live rarely hear any

  • Nadhia Gurrola 2 years ago

    He sits there listening to the background noise just like I do. Lol.

  • NextTYTReporter 2 years ago

    So, EMS began about 70 years ago with cardiac units. Vehicles have only existed about 120 years. So, after all these years, really isn’t that long

  • O K 2 years ago

    Hmm it’s about immediate reaction with the emergency sirens, necessary and it’s by design for our primitive sessions. The guy is absolutely correct about construction sounds, read about it sometime back

    *Primitive senses

  • mffmoniz 2 years ago

    Fall asleep cause of gush,woosh,gush! 😀

    Speaking of sound, the sound of the Daily Show remains lower than everything else I’m watching on youtube…

  • Abhas Jain 2 years ago

    How about a moustache Trevor?

  • william northcote 2 years ago

    With all this “woke” stuff, why not change the noise to some racist words. As soon as it goes off everyone is either looking to get offended, or looking to join in. Hence all are looking and becoming aware of something happening.

  • Janice Zimmerle 2 years ago

    I work for amazon and I realized the trucks make that terrible gwesh sound instead of beeping. It’s awful but it gets your attention. The beeping and sirens do too. So I just thought amazon was being extra all this time. Lol!!!

  • Rick Evans 2 years ago

    When I hear a klaxon siren. I get triggered.
    Pinche Tornados!

  • yuval bar-on 2 years ago

    You should one show where you just completely improvise. I swear Trevor is just funnier when he’s laid back like this

  • Led St. James 2 years ago

    I am with Trevor about the primitiveness of sirens. It is quite hilarious. I laughed out loud when he yelled. Also, I can see how that new construction vehicle sound makes sense. It seems like they tried to mimic a machine doing something that might endanger you, so that you stop to see what it is. It’s like something large breaking that will get your attention. Beeping just means “they can wait for me.” Yes, people be jerks.

  • Norma Forsyth 2 years ago

    I loved the idea stores had of playing the super-high frequency buzzing sound to annoy teens enough to cause them not to loiter near clubs, bars, and stores.
    I didn’t really believe it until it was proved at my house.
    People over 20-something can’t hear it any longer and young kids/babies can’t hear it yet but teens can.
    I had an ionic hair brush. I turned it on one day to use it on my dog and my daughter and her boyfriend kept complaining about an annoying sound.
    It dawned on me what could be happening so I put it behind my back and turned it on and off, asking them when they could hear it. They heard it every time and I heard NOTHING.
    Loved it. 🙂

  • UserName 2 years ago

    Are the sirens preventing you from covering the Kyle Rittenhouse story? Lol Trevor seems awfully quiet about it

  • PyroNymph - 2 years ago

    The beeping echoes, so you can’t actually hear the direction of the vehicle backing. The ‘gsh gsh gsh’ white noise is more directional and people can actually hear the direction the sound is coming from.


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