Sir Rod Stewart | Real Time with Maher (HBO)



  • Lastname First 11 months ago

    Rod has the same hair same style as he did in the 60s

  • Walter White 11 months ago

    Drugs are good kids.

  • Simon H 11 months ago

    Rod will be up at 4am to watch Celtic lift the Premiership trophy.

  • sunny rowe 11 months ago

    Wow , one great singer And man !

  • Ken Hasibar 11 months ago

    Ho lee s***! That was awesome.
    Rod Stewart is amazing – always been. Glad he went for music instead of professional soccer.
    Bill Maher just f***ing delivers. I’d love to smoke some weed with him and listen to some stories.
    And “Love Touch”?
    From “Legal Eagles”?
    One of my dad’s (RIP) favorite movies. I enjoyed hearing him laugh. One of my favorite songs. ❤ Much love, Bill. Thanks for the years of laughs. 🍻🖖

  • George Georgalis 11 months ago

    Pleasure to briefly meet you Sir, down by the river.

  • BlueBaron3339 11 months ago

    Wow – this is the very first time I’ve seen Bill star struck 😂 🤣🤩

  • Cool Coyote 11 months ago

    Van Morrisons song ‘have I told you Lately’ which he wrote and performed is miles better than rods rip-off version. but vans a hard act to follow . “Sailing” rods good at that but thats another cover (originally by The Sutherland Brothers) Broken Arrow , Forever Young

  • Mark Rucko 11 months ago

    My wife is a huge Rod Stewart fan, so whenever he appears locally, I get tickets. If back in the seventies you would have said this was the guy you would see most often live, I would have been surprised at that. All that being said, never seen a bad show!

  • Sean Relph 11 months ago

    Why would you guys cut the video off right there?! For fuck sakes

  • David Ralphs 11 months ago

    Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow look like 70 something twins. That wart near his mouth has to be his signature.

  • Dave Eh 11 months ago

    Rod’s had a few.

  • Mark Brafford 11 months ago

    Love Rod`s shirt

  • Jani Laine 11 months ago

    Well if starting artist or a band have 5 to 6 song, consert Will be quiet short.

  • Dorian 11 months ago

    God I freakin’ love Rod Stewart. He’s felt like a member of my family for four decades now. And except for a few new wrinkles, he’s hardly changed! Even the hair is the same!

    What a treat it was to see him on Real Time. Thank you, Bill!

  • Patrick Larry 11 months ago

    He represents a bygone age when men were men and women were women and God was feared. It will never be the same..

  • Bringette Awnn 11 months ago

    dude was already collecting Social Security checks when I started kindergarten. Now he’s like 97 or something.

  • Brandon H. 11 months ago

    The killing Of Georgie is one of the greatest songs ever made

  • Robin Jarrett 11 months ago

    Love you Stewart

  • New Message 11 months ago

    Joke as we wiil, I only wish I had a full head of hair now… let alone when I’m his age.


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