Side Effects Of Being Presidential Include Drowsiness, Sexism

Published on April 28, 2016

Trump is looking more and more inevitable, but sounding more and more like he’s still in his pajamas.

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  • Meppolep7 3 years ago

    Hilary or Tru-uhhh…I think I’m about to barf in my mouth. This is what
    you get for not voting for Bernie you dumbasses.

  • Atley Meow 3 years ago

    if I have to vote for Hillary or Trump I’m moving to Canada…

  • Charbel Sfeir 3 years ago

    Like i’m not even American and i’m scared that either Clinton or Trump
    might win :(

  • Arka Dhak 3 years ago

    FU stephen..

  • zalmy Heather 3 years ago

    Isn’t “side effects may include…” A James cordan segment????

  • Arka Dhak 3 years ago

    Im for Bernie nd I agree with Trump.. Stephen u r not always rite, stop
    making jokes of who is telling the truth.

  • Kurtis C. 3 years ago

    That uncommon moment where you actually agree with something Trump said.
    Hillary’s only draw is that she has the “woman’s card” – that’s it. That’s
    the only real reason I can fathom for anyone supporting her over Bernie.

  • pete275 3 years ago

    I hope Cartoon Donald Trump doesn’t start phoning it in

  • Diplomat117 3 years ago

    This time Trump has made something he had never done before – sense. I
    actually agree with him on Hillary using the woman card, the policy she
    proposes is basically keeping everything as it is and change it all at the
    same time, since she tries to appeal to everyone, and that would ruin some
    other candidate’s campaign rather fast.

  • coldoustiderightnowtho 3 years ago

    CBS = Clinton Broadcasting System

  • Sritanshu Sinha 3 years ago

    How are Hillary and Trump winning? I live in India and all the news I get
    to hear is How corrupt Hillary is and How sexist/racist Trump is?
    Does no one in the US read the news?

  • How Much For A Gram 3 years ago

    Rather drown than head for the cunts, I mean Hills

  • 00chla 3 years ago

    Trump sounds very low energy.

  • Gary Proudfoot 3 years ago

    Steven don’t be shy just put on you Hillary shirt and get it over with.

  • Alucard .Tepes 3 years ago

    cant stump the trump

  • Marilyn S 3 years ago

    How is Trump allowed to run? 🙁 It’s 2016 we can either go into a society
    like the book 1984 or elect the right candidate sorry to break it to all
    the Trump supporters but… he isn’t the right candidate

  • Calvin Weustink 3 years ago

    Trump sounded almost as sleepy as Carson

  • Its Mikey Fam ? 3 years ago

    So Colbert supports Hillary?

  • Jaeric 3 years ago

    I’m disappointed Stephen would patronizingly urge Bernie supporters to back

  • Xenophilius394 3 years ago

    The bigot card is weaker than the woman card, and Trump only has the bigot

  • MsPark 3 years ago

    No wonder all the Bernie bros / Trump supporters disliked the video.

  • MrHandss 3 years ago

    Call him a sexist or an idiot if you want, but it’s not crazy. She DOES
    have the woman card and it’s something they’ve been using for her since
    several months ago.

    “It’s not done and you have to help. Hillary Clinton will always be there
    for you. And just remember, there’s a special place in hell for women who
    don’t help each other.”

    take away her name and her gender and what do you have left? someone who
    has all of the banks controlling them like a puppet and someone who has
    committed some serious crimes and then lied about them. Sanders was the
    candidate the democrats needed, but it was never a fair fight for him.

  • Ian B 3 years ago

    This is a bunch of bullshit propaganda for hillary. CBS and all the news
    companies have already chosen their nominees.

  • raouf sb 3 years ago

    Does Colbert believe the shit he’s spouting or is he being forced ? I
    thought the mansplaining thing he did was satire but now I’m not so sure
    because he doubled on about how the law doesnt apply to white people. When
    did it become cool for men and particulary white men to hate themselves?

  • kiri ari 3 years ago

    Trump cannot make America great again.
    But, if Trump becomes the president, it is possible that all of the US
    people to recognize the reality.
    Everyone knowing the reality, it can cause a revolution.

  • Cole G. 3 years ago

    Unsubbing you conservative cunt.

  • Adolf Shekelstein 3 years ago

    Colbert is a bitch. Insulting one woman is not Sexism, insulting all women
    is. Hillary Clinton is 1 person.

    *TRUMP 2016, Fuck your feelings*

  • eyh pops 3 years ago

    “OH no Hillary is corrupt” shut the fuck up

  • spammasterjay 3 years ago

    God it’s hard to watch him devolve right back into The Colbert Report and
    continue to be a complete joke.

  • Doug Cutter 3 years ago

    Please put together of a collage of the beginning of Road to the
    White-house. It is so funny!

  • 李伯均 3 years ago

    Wow, 115 dislike already? I don’t know Trump supporters actually follow
    Colbert’s show.

  • Ashton Leo 3 years ago

    Trump is right on this one
    Hillary is playing the woman’s card and people are sucking up to it

  • bob zanny 3 years ago

    The two most hated political people are the, presumed, american
    presidential candidates. Unfuckingbelievable.

  • OtakuD50 3 years ago

    Y’know, there’s a solid joke partially at Hillary’s expense a minute into
    the video, but acknowledging that wouldn’t support the narrative of people
    who want to accuse this show of being Hillary propaganda.


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