Side Effects May Include w/ Ed Sheeran

Published on July 1, 2021

James offers Ed Sheeran a chair at the long desk for the two of them to tackle the side effects of things like being in love with the shape of you, being underdressed next to Beyonce and thinking out loud.

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  • SalKhayer 2 years ago

    Let Ed run one episode, and have James be the guest host. Ed has some comedy chops

  • ludzmaze 2 years ago

    Ed OPPAR

  • Anita Hapsari 2 years ago

    Ed Sheeran and James Corden!!! Life feels better already :))

  • sandra setin 2 years ago

    No one but James is the best!
    Ed is fun

  • Samantha Melendez 2 years ago

    Te adoro ed

  • Jordan Lee 2 years ago

    Ed Should have his own Talk show

  • cindyasters 2 years ago

    Not funny.

  • adslzr 2 years ago

    This is such a fun way to showcase an artist. Since Ed is an introvert, this experience increases his likelihood to relax and be comfortable while at the same allowing us to him more.

    He is such a chill and cool man.

  • a.musicandcolor 2 years ago

    when was late late sheeran filmed cuz seems he’s in so many places at once now with his promo ?

  • Emily Valentin 2 years ago

    John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” <3


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