Side Effects May Include: Neck Tattoos, Being Vegan

Published on September 11, 2015

James takes a look at the side effects that come along with things such as being an undercover cop.

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  • Robert Loder 4 years ago


  • HarryVictor 4 years ago

    “Weak bones:”? hahahahah what?

  • noname11 4 years ago

    Weak bones my ass, tell that to people with osteoporosis who drink dairy
    daily, because ˝their doctor knows best˝.

  • noname11 4 years ago

    Is calcium the new protein?

  • IfTheApocalypseComes BeepMe 4 years ago

    Everyone’s starting to realise how eating a healthy vegan diet is so much
    better for you. The world is waking up, you see veganism mentioned
    everywhere, even if they ignorantly mock it :D

  • iamsexyandyouknowit 4 years ago

    I’m glad he din mock veganism as much as all the other ignorant people

  • Domi Sinclair 4 years ago

    When I saw the title I thought it was suggesting that a side effect of
    getting a neck tattoo was being vegan (didn’t read the punctuation). I
    thought to myself, a lot of people I know with neck tattoos are also

  • Guny Fuentes 4 years ago

    Guys, it’s a comedy show. Calm the hell down.

  • xneverwalkalonex 4 years ago

    come on James, you’re English, the word is arse, not ass, if the audience
    don’t understand you, educate

  • Sina8Hajarat 4 years ago

    weak bones? wtf

  • Jennifer Williams 4 years ago

    Rice pasta isn’t a carb. 

  • a martinez 4 years ago

    I’m sorry to disappoint you Mr. Cordon but I don’t have a car covered with
    bumper stickers because I don’t need a car, I just teleport using my vegan
    powers. That has left me with a large amount of bumper stickers and no car
    to put them on so I just got them tattooed on.

  • Amiee Ann 4 years ago

    It was just a skit, so I’m not offended, but vegans have less nutritional
    deficiencies than any other diet. Including b-12 and calcium, it is
    actually attained quite easily. Also, carbs are not bad for you, even
    though that’s not what the lifestyle has to consist of.

  • akaElleLatham 4 years ago

    The vegans will have the last laugh. Literally. We’ll be the only ones left

  • ConGreen 4 years ago

    But why are vegans so annoying, pretentious and judgmental. And why do they
    think they are immortals


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