Should Biden Be Kept in Bubble Wrap? | Swiftie Turkeys Pardoned | Argentina Elects Trump Admirer

Published on November 20, 2023

Some of President Biden’s advisors want to protect his reelection chances by easing up on his schedule, the turkeys pardoned at the White House today were reported to be Taylor Swift fans, and Argentina’s president-elect is modeling himself after America’s former president.

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  • Rose Kaume 3 months ago

    I am voting for Biden

  • Bradley Atkins 3 months ago

    The judge did explain that presidents were listed in the draft version of the amendment but then were specifically taken out.

    So it seems that the amendment was deliberately watered down so that it couldn’t be used to ban an insurectionist from the post.

    Why? We don’t know, but she is correct in her interpretation of the law.

    Sadly …

  • J r. 3 months ago

    Age-ism… the last “-ism” that shallow comedy won’t abandon. See Kimmel for a classier way to get humor out of this subject.

  • Ja Tr, RN,MSN 3 months ago

    I just cannot support a guy who shows no respect for the rules of law and his millions of lies he tells. Will never vote for Donald J Dumbdump.

  • Kwivur 3 months ago

    Turkey’s aren’t flightless.

  • Nick Buis 3 months ago

    I would take Biden again over Trump, but if Chris Christie is the Republican nominee, I will vote Red. As for Argentina, just because Trump admires someone doesn’t make that person automatically a bad choice, Argentina needs a desperate change, and Milei is, at the very least, exactly that, a change.

  • Anastaecia 3 months ago

    I’m “starting” to think the justice system is full of corruption.

  • Margaret S. 3 months ago

    The swift song 😂😂😂

  • David Techau 3 months ago

    The guys is nucking futs!

  • Daniel Engelhardt 3 months ago

    Biden mixed up Taylor Swift with Brittany Spears!!! We are dooommmeeedd!!!!

  • P W 3 months ago

    Biden is complicit to genocide!! #GazaGenocide #UScomplicit

  • Real Tijuana 3 months ago

    A vote for Nakba Joe is a vote for genocide.
    A vote for King Dumpy the Flatulent is a vote for genocide.
    Isn’t democracy wonderful?
    Maybe we shouldn’t vote for anyone any more who promotes the wanton murder of children. You know, if we don’t want to become a psychopathic country

  • Robert Pearson 3 months ago

    “The real thing is even worse.” Trump remembers the times hiding the rice paddies with his bone spurs killing him. But Trump went on to single-handedly win the Vietnam War!

  • Fauler Perfektionist 3 months ago

    🤦‍♂Let me tell you, one thing I long ago got _tired_ of was complaining about how _tired_ I was of hearing about _T*._ Can we, at some point, just stop talking about the man like he lives in a world of consequences? He’s been breaking the law for _decades_ and has yet to face a single _one._

  • Wayne Smith 3 months ago

    It might help Biden a little if he was out there campaigning. And maybe not support the genocide campaign going on in Israel.

  • James Cohen 3 months ago

    Just run for president already, Colbert.

  • Read Machiavelli 3 months ago

    Child at rally: “Mommy, what’s ‘golden showers?’
    Mom: “Honey, Mr Trump is so rich, he showers with gold water…ge’s a billionaire!”

  • L Seh 3 months ago

    Oh my God, Trump is calling Biden what we’ve been calling him from day one—-the Manchurian Candidate, more specifically….Putin’s Puppet is the Siberian Candidate. He does what Putin wants. Shhhzzzz….get rid of NATO? C’mon people, can’t you see the obvious? The orange guy is a traitor.


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