Should American Parents Adopt a More Hands-Off Approach? – Between The Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on May 1, 2022

“Parents should treat playgrounds, the way people should treat airport carousels…take a step back.” Trevor discusses the difference between American and South African parenting. #DailyShow




  • Jemz Moodly 9 months ago

    Trevor is my favorite South African celebrity

  • Lisa Buckle 9 months ago

    that’s so true, I live in the UAE and when kids are at park or mall with their parents, parents going somewhere else to relax and have coffee and the children go play and only see their parents when they need food or parent call them to go. There’s very little hovering or policing the kids.

  • DAVE Smith 9 months ago

    Sure thing, give your kids to the government .they will raise them right

  • ****** 9 months ago

    lolol he is the best

  • DAVE Smith 9 months ago

    Remember while you’re laughing at this man your Southern border is being invaded watch Fox News they have live cameras there

  • Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy 9 months ago

    I think what Trevor is talking about is more of a city thing than an American thing. I grew up in a national park and my parents had no clue where I was at least 20-30% of the day. City parents have to worry about gangs, drugs and other concerns related to protecting their child. The more rural the area the more likely the concerns would be, is my kid climbing a tree or climbing around on rocks or messing around white water rapids. It could be a generational thing as well, a lot of parents are helicopter parents sheltering their kids a little too much compared to parents in the 80’s and 90’s as an example.

  • k richards 9 months ago

    It is indeed an American thing.

  • masud kaysar 9 months ago

    90s kids from bangladesh.. my parents didn’t even care where i am till 6pm.. when its dark outside i came back home Muddy my mom or elders sister wash me change my clothes then sit with book to do study. But now things change everywhere.

  • Helga Ioannidis 9 months ago

    My mum was born in 1941 in Munich Germany and was 5 when Munich was occupied by the US and they stayed for some years. Her father had died during the war and her mother was working all day, so she would just play on the street with other kids and they sometimes would go watch the American kids at a playground that the US troops had built for the children of the GI families. They had secured it and German citizens couldn’t go in.The German kids were so fascinated, because they found it was like a zoo and pittied the poor American children that weren’t free to run around the streets 😂

  • Danni 9 months ago

    No, parents need to have a more hand-on approach…to their backside.
    Kids are out of control these days.

  • Anthony Thabiso 9 months ago

    Bra Trevor can you please do a podcast and chill interview with mac G this year

  • Mish Domingo 9 months ago

    So true! I am a South African with 2 girls. When they say park i sit on the bench and enjoy the scenery!

  • Denise Hoffmann 9 months ago

    I was born in 1970 (USA) we were free range children. We were out of the house after breakfast , till noon , went home for lunch .
    Mom put us back out till supper. After supper we went back outside till 9pm curfew sounded …
    Unless we were bleeding profusely or dead we were not to bother mom . Completely different by the time I had my daughter in 1990 .
    She had a bit more freedom than now but not much .

  • C J 9 months ago

    This somehow explained so much about American people to me… 🤔

  • eheka zw 9 months ago

    am loving Trevor even more 🔥🔥

  • Stregha's Corner 9 months ago

    China or Japan doesn’t have that fear either, they let their children go unsupervised. Speaks volumes about America.

  • lisa ahmari 9 months ago

    Yes, but we have more mass shootings here than anywhere on earth. Parents never were like this til the 90s, when school shootings started ramping up. Now parents are terrified that any situation where there is a group of unguarded children is going to become a fish in a barrel situation. 😥If anyone wants great commentary on that subject watch Jim Jeffries schtick about gun control. I would love to see Trevor interview Jim. Brilliant, hilarious minds…both of them.

  • Just Aguy 9 months ago

    When I was a kid, my parents let me just explore the woods around my house. We lived rurally, with no big predators in our region, so yeah it was comparatively safe. But as a parent myself, when my sons were growing up in more urban areas, well, you can’t avoid the “missing children” advisories. If you read closely, when I lived in California I’d see kids faces on milk cartons then read “from Alabama” or some such distant part of the country. I know, they’re just being thorough, who knows where these children might wind up. But that also made you feel, IF you allow you child a ton of freedom out there while they’re of that age, well, if anything happened, man… you’d never, ever forgive yourself. It would haunt you to your dying day. I’m not sure where the line of reason is on this, and I’m not saying I don’t understand the comparative rarity of children actually being abducted by strangers (don’t believe Q the numbers are very small yearly), but that’s just a lottery that most parents, I’m sure, fear to their bones that they might win.

  • Brent 9 months ago

    I had no idea the freedom I had as a kid. Just be home for dinner. Bike rides and exploring creeks and trails. Just randomly going somewhere without a care in the world.

  • Calliope Pratt 9 months ago

    I’m a 90s kid, only child. Played without supervision, without anyone, all over town until the street lights came on and I knew it was time to go home.

    As a parent to small kids now I don’t know if I can ever do that with them. I’m terrified of them getting killed, abducted, or someone calling child services for neglect.


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