Shirtless Trumpers Fight Hurricane, Marjorie Taylor Greene Getting Divorced & a Jon Stewart Surprise

Published on September 29, 2022

It’s night four of our week in Brooklyn and Jimmy talks about what it has been like being in New York, Aaron Judge’s 61st homerun, we go live to chat with the very sad Blue Jays fan that JUST missed catching Aaron Judges’ record breaking ball, Hurricane Ian hits Florida, we found the perfect visual to encapsulate what it’s like to be a Trump supporter, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting divorced, and we discover the great Jon Stewart working at the Apple store across the street.


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  • Robert Forsythe 2 years ago

    Make Americas Morons Great Again. Catchy A.

  • Cam McNamee 2 years ago

    Missed opportunity to make fun of Amy Klobuchar. Jimmy laying down again.

  • enjoyitbro 2 years ago

    I have too many plans on my own time, got to use that sometime

  • D A Splitstone 2 years ago

    How many times did she cheat on her husband? A lot supposedly!

  • Keeler Hastings 2 years ago

    The B U den looters are looting as they always do ,

  • Christopher Miller 2 years ago

    60 seconds in and the audience finally calms down… I am apparently one of the few people who actually miss when these shows were filmed during covid

  • mad honeybee 2 years ago

    Jon Stewart should be considered a National Treasure.
    The way he stands up for his fellow man.
    His bright witty sense of humor.
    & he looks very much like my brother.
    Hey, my Dad, he was a player,
    So there is an excellent chance there are a few half-siblings.
    Running around somewhere on this little blue marble of ours. IMHO peace

  • Earth AngeL 2 years ago

    John Stewart for PRESIDENT!!! why? Because the Man Has A HEART of GOLD and a Good Head on his Shoulders!!

  • aqueousone 2 years ago

    Applause ends at :50

  • s s 2 years ago


  • Mike Peterson 2 years ago

    Maga Maggot.

  • Youtube ebutuoY 2 years ago

    People that supported Biden are so desparate to cover-up their mistake, all they want to do is point at the 0.1% of the other side. It doesn’t make your bad decisions any better, guys. You still f’d up.

  • Rodrigo Fernández 2 years ago

    Jimmy is the best. Next month best seller tell all book “Surviving Qanon Insanity, 27 years of MTG”

  • El Gato Blue Shirts 2 years ago

    it is a shame that nightly news hasn’t mentioned MTG’s husband filed for divorce. My only wish is that we could divorce MTG from our country. WAKE up Georgia, Vote her out!

  • Matthew Selby 2 years ago

    He’s working at Apple to save one burden in one of their sweat shops in China.


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