Sheryl Lee Ralph addresses DeSantis anti-woke agenda | Black National Anthem controversy

Published on March 10, 2023

Hot Take is joined by Emmy-winning actress Sheryl Lee Ralph to discuss conservative bans on “woke” school curriculums and the strange uproar to her Super Bowl performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, known as the Black National Anthem. Watch Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out The News on Comedy Central, Wednesdays after The Daily Show and on

Clip air date 03/10/2023

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  • szarkel 12 months ago

    Sheryl Lee Ralph deserve ps an award for doing that so well

  • Sir Casino 12 months ago

    Wait… why IS there a black national Anthem? That is kind of weird. That kinda means you have to accept a white national athem if one were made and performed… and you know how much weirder that sounds.

  • No More 12 months ago

    More from Sheryl!!!

  • Napalm Holocaust 12 months ago

    You can’t see yourself in the mirror till about three.

  • Steve Jarvis 12 months ago

    Are those kids really only one year old?

  • Daniel Lindner 12 months ago

    Wholesome how she interacted – what a nice and intelligent woman

  • Panda Roll 12 months ago

    Ms. Ralph is a delight. Dropping shade while still being a class act the whole time. *chefs kiss*

  • Rob Vespa 12 months ago

    Discrimination and hypocrisy are bad…

  • Mescaler E. 12 months ago

    She is so gorgeous!!!

  • Mr. P 12 months ago

    Is this a joke? I’m pretty libby but you know very well he isn’t saying slavery never happened. If he doesn’t want our children indoctrinated by the woke agenda, that’s obviously not the same thing as denying slavery happened. Bunch of disingenuous talking heads.

  • Amber D. 12 months ago

    I love you too, mom! I mean, yeah that’s exactly what I mean.

  • Zenithx3 12 months ago

    GOP “Safety” – Anti-Education, Pro-Gun.

  • New Message 12 months ago

    Well, with the new labor laws, the kids’ll be too busy working a double to worry about reading.


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