Sheryl Crow On Working WIth The Greats Like Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards, And Burt Bacharach

Published on May 5, 2022

Sheryl Crow makes her second visit to The Late Show this week, this time to tell Stephen about her new Showtime documentary, “Sheryl,” and share tales about some of the incredible artists she has worked with and shared stages with over the years. “Sheryl” premieres this Friday on Showtime. #Colbert #Sheryl #SherylCrow

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  • Space Force Commander 2 years ago

    All I associate with Sheryl Crow is Lance Armstrong, and a few songs.

  • Bill H 2 years ago

    She looks great ( unlike Madonna who is always trying to be a teenager – looks and mouth)

  • SammyT 2 years ago

    Are they absolutely sure this is Sheryl Crow?

  • stephen tate 2 years ago

    Yah he (Smashed)

  • Ray S! 2 years ago

    No mention of Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan? That’s kindda strange. Maybe in the documentary we get to hear some.

  • Chris Smith 2 years ago

    She is so freaking hot dude lol

  • dyskover 2 years ago

    Disappointed that you didn’t mention the Kid Rock collaboration.

  • Brando 72 2 years ago

    She looks great for 60,

  • Parmesana 2 years ago

    (St Louis area)–She auditioned for my brother’s band and their ‘sound’ was not to her liking..[early 80’s] She’d come over to our house/basement

  • Jason Pippin 2 years ago

    Euphoric.. debate. Kevin was just found strangled in his apartment. Cheryl took his music, his band, his grammy and his life. No big deal. Just murder, yo.

  • IW Nunn 2 years ago

    Girl, you’re still lookin’ good. Rock that aarp card!!

  • Sharon Smith 2 years ago

    Love her music!

  • Old-fashioned Coughy Pot 2 years ago

    There is a crow’s nest this year in my front yard tree. l call the happy bird couple Russell & Sheryl Crow.

  • reallyreallyrhonda 2 years ago

    I like you, Stephen, but I want to hear Sheryl Crow speak! You ask her unending questions, rattle off names and facts, then cut her off EVERY TIME! Just shut the hell up!

  • h7opolo 2 years ago

    5:00 kids these days are listening to the most horrendous filth. as per the illuminati’s brain-washing agenda, the next generations will be hedonistic slaves helplessly dependent on the system for the next dose of dopamine.


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