Shepard Smith Previews What to Expect from Trump and Biden’s First Debate

Published on September 29, 2020

Shepard Smith talks about the New York Times’ investigation into Trump’s finances, Trump’s justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett and what he expects from the first debate between Trump and Vice President Biden.

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  • jackie pollard 2 months ago

    So very happy that Shep’s back on his own show!! Yasss!!! So glad he’s back! Hot damn!!

  • M Dutton 2 months ago

    I don’t know what to expect. However it’s an iron clad guarantee that you won’t be any part of it Shithead Smith

  • Chris Zerkel 2 months ago

    Shep, I luv ya. Keep going. You’re doing a great job, as you always have

  • Boom Pow 2 months ago

    Bogus! He’s been compromised! Kind of skates a fine line but, still is biased. And jimmy has be bought and paid for, for a while already. The news is going to be of truth? Who is he kidding? He’s still on cnbc? Cmon now!

  • warrenginmartini 2 months ago

    Donald’s debate prep is called Preparation H. In 2016 it was for Hillary, in 2020 it’s for Hunter!

  • moe green 2 months ago

    Decency comes to mind when you talk about Shep.

  • Field of Stone 2 months ago

    I missed Shep telling it like it is. Calling trump out again and again, calling his lies exactly that. Looking forward the watching him again.

  • Hmoob USA 2 months ago

    We miss you shepher.

  • Jofrey Lupul 2 months ago

    I’m a fan of your comedy Fallon, but I don’t understand the reasoning in searching these 2 names and finding you first, don’t get me wrong, I guess it’s just popular and new so it’s being put up to the top, however; knowing your show is liberal, isn’t it kind of unfair everyone’s just putting a display on for the election.. thought we in America were allowed to be ourselves… :/ Idk just an American who doesn’t want to give freedom up for money. If being yourselves is trashing and pointing fingers, then maybe all of our fame, knowledge, and selves get thrown away..

  • cisa93 2 months ago

    Like Megan Kelly, he’ll come to MSNBC and the when he’s had his fill, “ Hasta la Vista baby”!

  • Angee P 2 months ago

    Shep looks amazing, so refreshed! Always liked him, looking forward to the show.

  • Billy 2 months ago

    Project Veritas, there IS voter fraud.

    Look it up.

  • Sheila Blische 2 months ago

    God that was more painful than usual with Fallon’s half ass bro attempts!

  • Film Crew 2 months ago

    So glad he left Fox… I do respect Shep.

  • Neelay Chakraborty 2 months ago

    The veritas report?? Illhan Omar balllor fraud?? Maybe u should do some basic research Jimmy before spewing shit as usual..

  • mmd 378 2 months ago

    I’ll give him a chance because he said only NEWS, no pundits, no opinions, no assumptions etcetera, and that’s so needed – it barely exists these days. But can someone please tell me why so excited about him? He hung with Fox for 23 years – could he really be that great? Nothing about Fox is decent, honest or legitimate. Could the move be just a nice, fat, NBC paycheck? If anyone really knows anything about him, please lmk?

  • Georgina Stassi 2 months ago

    Leaving Fox was the best thing he did.Nice to see him again.All the best from Australia.

  • Ruru liean 2 months ago

    Is jimmy drunk with that hair? The news nice I like that… basic jounalism

  • Michael Draper 2 months ago

    Shep miss seeing you man


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