Shepard Smith Didn’t Think He Would Return to Work After Leaving Fox News

Published on October 30, 2020

Shepard Smith explains the challenges of launching his new CNBC show The News with Shepard Smith during a pandemic, reveals why he decided to leave Fox News and gives his prediction on which states to watch out for in the 2020 election.

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  • dijoyjoe 4 weeks ago

    Lovely to see Shep.

  • Bjarke Stemann 4 weeks ago

    I am happy there are people like you

  • Freedom Finder 4 weeks ago

    Good to see Shep. Best of luck to him and congrats on escaping from Fox!

  • SwedishBob_ 4 weeks ago

    Sky News is FOX … SKY news in Australia is total CR.P !

  • Pearl Jam Fan 4 weeks ago

    Florida Man’s in charge 😁😂😂 😁🙄🤔😞😔😢

  • Stefan Schleps 4 weeks ago

    Mr. Smith goes to Washington, and how ! You go Shepard !!
    Thank you.
    God Bless the USA.

  • Dean B 4 weeks ago

    Much respect. His quitting was EPIC

  • Kurt Palmer 4 weeks ago

    Always loved Shep.
    Glad I don’t have to tune in to fox news just to watch his show anymore.

  • IeatyellowSNO 4 weeks ago

    I hope this is real. If it is, good luck to him.

  • orphan 200 4 weeks ago

    FB not in constitution? Do hear some of these ppl talk it is like God.

  • joanna jamerson 4 weeks ago


  • Purple Flame Tarot 4 weeks ago

    So true! Desantis is the ultimate Florida Man.. and I’m in Florida. Ashamed.

  • joanna jamerson 4 weeks ago

    I will just die IF the scotus picks our pres

  • N R 4 weeks ago

    FOX News:
    The only network in the world where 100% of the people leave unhappy.
    a) couldn’t stand the hypocrisy b) sexually assaulted people
    c) got sexually assaulted by people d) died from the stress of being investigated for sexual assault lol

  • dafttool 4 weeks ago

    I expected MSNBC to scoop him up. I did not expect CNBC to do it instead. Good for them, as he is a good asset, but in the world of mainstream news, that network is a stagnant eddy, with very little traffic.

  • Mareike Dregger 4 weeks ago

    A pity he left Fox – together with Chris Wallace he was a voice of reason with an actual chance that conservatives would see him / watch him / hear him, just because it was on Fox…

  • Sialafale Lui Yuen 4 weeks ago

    I’ve always loved Shep 💕 he gives off wholesome vibes when he talks about his Nana and Fluffy.

  • Crysta Lee 4 weeks ago

    So glad to see Shepherd Smith back on the air. I just watched his interview with Dr Fauci

  • Robert Caldwell 4 weeks ago

    Sky News in Australia is just another Murdoch Fox spin-tainment network. Hopefully he will be able to be straight news. It’s what is missing.

  • John Drpich 4 weeks ago

    Shepard is great! One of the only fair reporter’s on fox. He and Chris Wallace deserve a medal.


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