Shamelessly Partisan Senators McConnell And Graham Pledge Not To Remove President Trump From Offi…

Published on December 16, 2019

Far from promising a fair impeachment trial in the Senate, leading Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham have already signaled their plans to ignore the evidence and coordinate strategy with the White House. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert

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  • 2ΩIMFJ CD5 9 months ago

    Rudi married his cousin, then divorced her.
    No wonder why tRump loves him. He’d screw his own daughter.
    Hashtag bluebabies.

  • David Vergara 9 months ago

    At least the Democrats do not have those voters beaten and thrown out like in your rallies, stupid trumpie poo.

  • Ch 17 9 months ago

    5:50 yes rudy bribery is crime especially when you use tax payers money to bribe a foreign government to investigate your political opponents.

  • Marin Kozina 9 months ago

    Trump was not forced in to white house,he was elected by you. Dont try to pretend that you as a nation are much better than him.

  • CloudsGirl7 9 months ago

    When Donnie cracks his whip, McConnell and his ilk just bend over and take it.

  • WorldWatchdogNews USA 9 months ago

    Trump, the White, and the GOP are officially an organized crime union.
    We cannot stop caring, or stop fighting this. This is criminal under any standards.

  • Rusty Shackelford 9 months ago

    The deplorables have elected their moron king tRump. They are ready to swap Freedom for tyranny under tRump and his family forever. #2020tyrannyVfreedom

  • Evadooker 9 months ago

    game of thrones is 70 hours not 30

  • J.R. Caldoon 9 months ago

    McConnell and Graham can go to Hell. My biggest regret is that I do not live in a place where I can help vote these jackwagons right out of power. I am never, EVER voting for a Republican in ANY office, ever again. There is NOTHING okay about the way either of these goobers has conducted themselves throughout the impeachment process.

  • D 9 months ago

    Your country has become a joke. Your constitution is broken and you have not kept you republic (remember? “…if you can keep it”). And yes the GOP is being blatant and shameless BUT the Dems did the same thing with Bill Clinton (sure, the stakes were much lower but he still lied to Congress). Both your parties are to blame and while I believe that Clinton would have been convicted if the background of the lie had been an issue of natural security, the precedent was nevertheless set. Now a corrupt GOP is taking advantage of that precedent as well as well tried and tested Russian disinformation tactics.

  • Danny Shook 9 months ago

    We can always hope the ghosts of impeachment past visit Mitch.

  • Jackie H 9 months ago

    This is why Moscow Mitch needs to be defeated because he only cares about himself not Americans, he is there for his agenda not United States – he loves puntin

  • Albert Bremner 9 months ago

    3 years of this bullshit.
    And you can’t still figure out what’s wrong with the 737 Max

  • pittarak1 9 months ago

    USA – you’re now officially a ‘banana republic’ – thanks to politicians such as McConnell, Graham etc. So sad: your founding fathers (and mothers) must be turning in their graves? Please bring your founders’ republic back – the world is waiting.

  • Erroneous Botch 9 months ago

    We really need vigilantes to take care of all this trash in power.

  • Ceco Elvisa 9 months ago

    The GOP are not even pretending to care about the rules or this whole “Democracy ” thing

  • Kenneth Nash 9 months ago

    Well is his lawyer Rudy?

  • huepix 9 months ago

    Pelosi decided her involvement in approving funds for an illegal war in Iraq meant George Bush the younger should get away with war crimes.
    And now she has approved everything trump asked for (and more) including and extra 123billion for weapons.
    She claims trump is a russian asset and gives him more spying powers and 123 billion extra funding for war.
    Trump is no more corrupt than the rest.
    And he’s very very corrupt

  • Universe Onesong 9 months ago

    Lawless & Disorder – Special Vipers Unit

  • Rudy __ 9 months ago

    Keep crying when he stays in office. Keep crying when we elect him again.


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