Shailene Woodley Gives Jimmy a Fitspo-Worthy Handstand Tutorial

Published on April 30, 2020

Jimmy checks in on Shailene Woodley over video chat, where she breaks down the evolution of her solo quarantine, reveals new skills she’s learning at home, like Spanish, and gives Jimmy a fitspo-worthy handstand tutorial.

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  • dinaaulia 2701xx 2 years ago


  • Bach Le 2 years ago

    I always get this at midnight 😂

  • Jaimie 2 years ago

    From the thumbnail I thought she had locs

  • Alanah McHone 2 years ago

    Who else misses Divergent 😭

  • Jadyn Neal 2 years ago

    Shailene is my favorite actress ever omg ilysm Shailene! 😭❤

  • Manya Goel 2 years ago

    Love her sooo muchhhh❤❤
    Especially tris and hazel

  • B C 2 years ago

    Fun interview. I feel like Jimmy is more natural and at ease with his guests in this at-home format.

  • 03 AI 2 years ago

    She’s cute.

  • Pravin Naidu 2 years ago

    She is gorgeous

  • Esther B. 2 years ago

    I fell on my face while trying to do a handstand and my glasses broke in 2 at the bridge and then stabbed me between the eyes. Luckily not in the eye. I had to get stitches.

  • ValasaFantastic 2 years ago

    People hug the people they are in lockdown with… but yeah must be much worse for those alone. I hope we can get to a point where it’s safe to hug many people again or at least much safer. Fun video thanks.

  • 3lement2010 2 years ago

    I feel like Hollywood is trying to cancel her by hiring her less to movies because of what she did for the Native Americans.

  • penelopefp 2 years ago

    Did anyone get the Stockimages ad at the end? Love Jimmy Fallon. Stockimages….that was the absolute DUMBEST ad!!!!

  • New Message 2 years ago

    If eye rolling is a talent, my 14 year old kid’s gonna OWN a zoom talent show.

  • Larry Whittington 2 years ago

    Spaceships !!! 😳👨‍🚀👩🏻‍🚀👨‍🚀👩🏻‍🚀🦋💫🌎❤️🛰 we know about spaceships 😁👍 we can even watch this movie traveling at a speed of 17,500 Mph it even is possible to do a mimic handstand. Although in a constant free falling environment at the ISS there is no sense of up down left or, right.
    Well Glory!
    Jimmy these are everyday events I think of each moment of the day think of our Astronauts which now can stay over 300 days in space. Think about it 😁👍 Godspeed Sincerely from Buddy
    Also the Space shuttle orbiter is built way different from a car each white solid booster has 1.2 million pounds of dry propellants. The Orange hollow tank is a half inch thick pressurized with liquid hydrogen an oxygen.. here’s a size scale comparison picture An aluminum can next to the orange cylinder at same size the wall of the orange liquid booster would be thinner than the aluminum can next to it🤷‍♂️ Then there are the 3 data Von nosslel engines upon launch they spin up to 36,000 resolutions per minute once the boosters ignite there’s no stopping you will be at speeds up to 8,000 miles per hour in seconds at the altitude of 250 miles up in the stratosphere sometimes even 280 miles up WHOA !!! I❤️ IT PS: we kinda can relate now to being isolated An confined.
    & if anyone didn’t tuck in their shirt per say Houston may get confused 👋🤣👍
    Goodnight thanks y’all
    U2 did wonderfully today. Sincerely
    OH ! I THANK THE ROOTS YEAY!!!! 🤘😎🎤🎼 by the way the engines I think even could be at 36,000 resolutions per second.
    There is much much more this is how we stop slow An prevent pandemics it is the back bone space exploration laboratory of over 40 countries all for a mutual goal our home spaceship earth 🌏 yep pals earth is still in space 👋😃👍

  • johanna bellver 2 years ago

    I think it’s neat being able to see celebrities in their home, not in fancy outfits, hair done, makeup done etc, it’s nice to see them in their home and relaxed

  • elecbass100 2 years ago

    More like a headstand on Jimmy’s part!

  • jerlands 2 years ago

    are you putting these video’s out in order?… because they seem confused to me…

  • jerlands 2 years ago

    finally… a person who isn’t wasting time…


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