Sexual Harassment in Congress: A Closer Look

Published on November 16, 2017

Seth takes a closer look at a new sexual harassment allegation against Senator Al Franken and more women coming forward to accuse Roy Moore of sexually assaulting them as teenagers.

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  • HiroTheHero 3 weeks ago


    I was stalking on youtube for this video 😉

  • Nature Boy 3 weeks ago

    GOP = criminals
    Dems = cowards
    Trump = disgrace
    Seth Meyers = the light of my life

  • deka360 3 weeks ago

    Here before getting groped!

  • Emperor Palpatine 3 weeks ago

    Everything is proceeding as i have foreseen it!

  • kreshar 3 weeks ago

    It is a disgrace to see the democratic community turn on Al Franken immediately upon a weak allegation from a FOX employee. Roy Moore dates teenagers as DA and still has support from the GOP. Democrats turn on al franken at the whisper of accusation. If he was groping her while she slept why would he have someone take pictures and face the camera? PLEASE HAVE BRAINS.

  • HiroTheHero 3 weeks ago

    We need another Amber’s Minute of Fury. This time on the Moore Edition.

  • Emmanuel Ezenwa 3 weeks ago

    Evangelicals wants a 1776 America in all it’s manner. They should go to countries where religion and politics has ruined. Where murderers, thieves, child molesters and pervs uses religion to get to the highest office and then proceeds to screw everyone and everything.

  • gabriel gonzalez 3 weeks ago

    I believe that if you have a government job as a state leader it should be illegal to not speak to reporters asking serious questions.

  • Hayden 3 weeks ago

    Sick fucks still defending all these people’s behavior! 😤

  • BrexMK 3 weeks ago

    Sometimes you rape a woman and become a pariah. Sometimes you rape a woman and become President.

    And no, I’m not talking about Bill Clinton, you fuckholes.

  • curandero verde 3 weeks ago

    Well all I can say is if Seth or Colbert get accused..I’m hanging it up…

  • Jack Nachwalter 3 weeks ago

    Moore looks like a crazy host that belongs in Westworld.

  • Inky Hands 3 weeks ago

    It’s everywhere… So gross.

  • Håvard Antonsen 3 weeks ago

    Not Al Franken! I really liked him :'(

  • Federico Barrio Linares 3 weeks ago

    you can’t compare dating underage girl with a prank picture.. wtf america!

  • silvsilvsilv 3 weeks ago

    I just spent a few minutes looking at the replies of the Fox News tweet about Franken.
    Turns out there’s seriously people who demand for him to resign while at the same time defending Roy Moore and Trump.

    And they dare to say Democrats have double standards…

  • Crushenator500 3 weeks ago

    Republican hit job against Franken for holding their feet to the fire. Roger stone was talking about this the day before it was released, and the accuser is a birther that’s close to Hannity and fox news. As soon as Franken requested an ethics hearing against himself, she backed away from her allegations and said not to do this. Her photographic evidence of “groping” isn’t exactly ironclad either, considering she’s wearing ceramic plate armor and he isn’t even touching her. This is a transparent right wing attempt at character assassination.

  • 2Stonefly 3 weeks ago

    Oh Al Franken. Damn it, you were suppose to be one of the good ones.

  • SNEAKxxATTACK 3 weeks ago

    Slumpy Trump.
    Down in the Trumps.

  • Rob _ 3 weeks ago

    Can we just get past the “What about [blank]?” If people are condemning a democrat or a republican, stop bringing up the other side.


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