Sexism Claims Against Apple’s Credit Card & Political Chaos in Bolivia | The Daily Show

Published on November 15, 2019

Allegations of gender discrimination emerge against Apple over its new credit card, and the president of Bolivia resigns after a disputed election. #TheDailyShow



  • Game Smasher 12 months ago

    Sexism meh what will it do anyways precent ur wife from spending more money on shoes and bags

  • ggeraaceves Silva 12 months ago

    Iis social just like trump wants to do it

  • How the **** 12 months ago

    It’s almost like the socialist president of Bolivia, was thrown out of gov. by the usa, like LITERALLY EVRY SINGEL SOUTH AMERICA COUNTRY

  • Daque 12 months ago

    Bolivia deadass turning into Ghost Recon Wildlands really fast

  • Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer 12 months ago

    Would you rather loan money to a millionaire or someone with “better” credit?

  • Abc Def 12 months ago

    Apple is taking revenge on Eve for taking the first bite and getting Adam into all the trouble with Yahweh

  • Adriana Bazz 12 months ago

    I am Bolivian ?? please read!!!!

    Bolivia’s Evo Morales was a dictator who didn’t respect the constitution, and committed a huge Fraud on the Elections. Elections in which he was running illegitimately. This wasn’t a left vs right thing. For 21 days after Morales committed the fraud, the entire country protested peacefully. No military was involved. IT WASN’T A COUP IT WAS A PEACEFUL MOVEMENT LEAD BY ALL BOLIVIANS.
    Morales spent millions in his own luxury while hospitals here in Bolivia don’t even have the proper equipment to treat most common cancers.
    Morales has oppressed the disabled on multiple occasions because they were asking for government help. Evo proceeded to throw tear gas at them leave them on the street. Yet he built himself a $34 million building with a huge penthouse, gym, jacuzzi, helipad etc all with tax money. But no, there is no money for oncology centers and the disabled.

    Morales militants have also killed and raped many people, among these militants the police have found Colombian and Argentinian terrorists. These people have burned public property and the houses of journalists that were telling the truth about the situation in Bolivia. Oh I should also mentioned that Morales bought out all the tv channels and newspapers to spread his propaganda and has been brainwashing people for 14 years.

    In the US I am a democrat but Morales government was an authoritarian government/ dictatorship that masked itself as communism.

    Bernie and AOC should have read the news and informed themselves better. Also I hate trump and I can’t believe that as a Bolivian feminist liberal woman I agree with him on something.

  • julio velez 12 months ago

    Well because Evo Morales is a dictator who supports Maduro, Iran and Cuba!! I hope democracy comes to Bolivia!!

  • kalillita dub 12 months ago

    Bolivian Coup

  • 20killershot 12 months ago

    He wanted to be another Fidel Castro and the people weren’t having it. He did a lot of good for the country but he should of passed his leadership roll to someone who shared his ideas NOT related to him. And this wouldn’t have happened.

  • 87 Seconds - Short Videos on Fun Facts - 10k Subs 12 months ago

    Since none of you guys seem to know how credit inquires work:

    1. Credit checks don’t look at your income or assets
    2. Having a higher credit score doesn’t automatically mean you’re more worthy of a higher credit limit. What’s your utilization rate? How old is your credit history? I did a small video on this a couple months back if you’re looking for more information.
    3. If you’ve ever filled out a request for a credit card, you’ll realize that there literally isn’t even a place for you to tell them your gender….

  • Alfredo Alcantar 12 months ago

    Bull shit my wife got the card not me I was denied ?‍♂️

  • Benjamin Jensen 12 months ago

    You know it’s a hot topic when the Daily Show moves and hides comments in the thread. Even people saying it’s a possibility that this is a CIA backed coup causes the comments to be moved around, even though the CIA have been caught meddling in over 120 elections and regime changes since Vietnam.

  • Sanjivani Ma 12 months ago


  • amarthyan muvvala 12 months ago

    It’s because a woman bit the apple first ..?

  • Hajile Serpud 12 months ago

    Bolivia has the highest grade of Cocaine on the planet…. so, I give it 9- 18 months and watch Cocaine make a come back on the streets of the U.S

  • Blasted Blasted 12 months ago

    Trevor when are you going to do your Bollywood dance?

  • Yira Patricia Aristizabal Peña 12 months ago

    First world countries only support freedom and democracy for Venezuelan Oil and Bolivian lithium, so you support a military coup and put a Nazi obedient pet, who had say openly that indigenous traditions are satanic cults.
    And Angela Merkel had been elected too many times but as a white imperialist, no first world country would dare to forced a military coup in Germany

  • Rage Studios 12 months ago

    without Trump this show is over, isn’t?

  • paper2man 12 months ago

    Hey Trevor ! Big fan of the show, please do more research on Bolivia ??, what you informed your viewers about Bolivia is not the complete story.


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