Several Democrats are Beating Trump in Head-to-Head Polls

Published on September 12, 2019

Democratic presidential candidates, several of whom are polling ahead of Donald Trump in head-to-head match-ups, were warned not to use foul language during Thursday’s live debate. #Monologue #Colbert #LSSC

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  • Amol Khobaragade 6 months ago

    Can you notice, Trump doesn’t take Bernie’s name. He also refused to debate him in 2016. He fears Bernie. This is one of the many reasons for #Bernie2020.

  • john lee 6 months ago

    Yang or bust

  • RedondoBeach2 6 months ago

    2:52 Total d-bag.

  • atombond 6 months ago

    Polls have never been wrong have they stephy ?

  • Cane Srbljanovic 6 months ago

    Stephen should not be doing this to himself again.
    He barely recovered from that night in Nov 2016…
    It seems that he forgot and he’s setting himself up for even a bigger disappointment.
    It’s strange, as I always thought that he’s a very intelligent person.
    But he’s doing it to himself. Again.

  • Benmore Peak 6 months ago

    The most interesting thing about these polls is how they illustrate the extent of the pro-Trump bots active on social media. All those usernames like “AmericanPatriot!!!!46352” and “AmericanGirlLuvTrumpMAGA” and “John_Doe_USA_Vet”. It would be so easy to get a completely skewed perception of reality if you judge the state of things only by the vast number of comments from this army of fake accounts on every platform.

  • Danny Hughes 6 months ago

    Thank you for doing that dance again. It cracked me up yet again, and believe me we need all the laughs we can get here in the UK. Arise Sir Stephen of The Late Show…



  • jaci D. 6 months ago

    If I were a Trumpster I’d lie to pollsters.

  • Walt Schmidt 6 months ago

    Until election night when the truth comes out…

  • William Wallace 6 months ago

    Good luck. I somehow have low faith that our country has significantly increased in intelligence. Electoral college still supersedes the popular vote in many places (some states have laws passed that assign their electoral college votes in accordance with their popular votes) and as such we may yet still run smack into another situation. Further, we still have the whole blue/red binary thinking to defeat as well as the large donations that inevitably seem to buy loyalty over the long run. So good luck. I hope that our efforts are rewarded with better leadership than we have now. Personally, I have higher standards when it comes to presentation, education, dictation, vocabulary, and diplomacy… or the art of crafting a subtle insult hidden inside of positive statements. Maybe you can meet me halfway on the standards and we could get someone willing to condemn Nazis? 😉

  • bobocpe 6 months ago

    For Christ’s sake, who are You trying to fool, Colbert? Trump is going to plough through Democrats. Anyone who belives these polls is a total moron, including you. You need someone like Kennedy to beat the Orange Guy, but all you have is a bats**t crazy halfwits, who lie all the time and provide promises they cannot keep. Democrats became so pathetically alt-left, some of them risk loosing general election in favor of winnig the nomination. I ask who? Who can beat Trump? Sanders – this neocommie with no idea of how economy works? Pocahontas? She made a complete fool out of herself – Trump will eat her. Beto – his “way of sway” is so moronic he’s even worse than Trump? Race card stoped working long ago so please stop this bullshit. Trump will win cause Dems have nothing on him. Somehow he gathers tens of thousands of people everytime he’s making a speech – numbers any Democratic candidate can only dream of. I’m sorry but Trump will win and it’s all because of people like you…

  • Helen Something Something 6 months ago

    And #YangBeatsTrump in New Hampshire!!!

  • J C 6 months ago

    everytime i see a political video, yang’s name is mentioned in the comments.
    let’s go yang gang, we have to have our voices heard in the polls

  • Strange Wayfaring Stranger 6 months ago

    Haha I love how Jon started to play Sir Mix a lot.

  • Jay Zenitram 6 months ago

    Beto: Keeping it so real he comes off fake.

  • Jared Lancaster 6 months ago

    We have got to vote this idiot out next year

  • Philly Hayden 6 months ago

    “suppression ” ‘s’up press i on sup press ion’s up pre ss i on sup press i on ate set era 😉 ?

  • WTFPr0m 6 months ago

    That little Anaconda sting at 1:38 is brilliant

  • idliketosay 6 months ago

    Colbert blatantly ignores Yang. Most of the comments are about Yang. It’s going to be Yang2020. It’s going to hit these elite fucks so hard, they’ll cry more than when Trump won. Funny thing is…trump might just forfeit his presidency to Yang cause you can tell trump is the kind of guy who knows when someone is better/smarter than him: and that’s yang. Yang2020!! No doubt. Many trump supporters have already converted ?


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