Seth’s Landlord Drops By to Raise the Rent

Published on October 5, 2022

Seth and Late Night studios landlord Harvey Stool (John Lutz) get into a heated argument over an increase in rent.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Sam L 12 months ago

    great sketch, but needs more Wally

  • Radical Ans 12 months ago

    The completely unused gloves hanging from his belt makes the character.

  • gotham61 12 months ago

    Was that supposed to be funny?
    How is this show still on the air?

  • Christian Bender 12 months ago

    Right.. Because Seth has a landlord…

  • Ryan Spengler 12 months ago

    Schneider as a Halloween costume is not an awful idea…

  • JW Scheetz II 12 months ago

    Love the homage to Schneider.

  • Nic Christie 12 months ago

    yeah – my rent’s going up 10% plus a monthly “service app” fee…bunch of BS….cute sketch, funniest part was at the end when the guy tried to eat Seth. Amber’s so cute tho…:-)

  • Steve Sharp 12 months ago

    This guys charm is wearing thin.. Time for a change I think

  • ADV 12 months ago

    This seems like Seth had a fever dream and then made a sketch out of it

  • Antonio Cruz Modern Renaissance Man 12 months ago

    Wow Schneider is back

  • Brian S 12 months ago

    My landlord raised the rent at my apartment like 26.2% DURING the pandemic. I told them if they are going to raise it they needed to fix the heat and electrical issues we were having. They never fixed them, 3 months later I had no heat for 2 months and like 2 months after they fixed my heat my apartment burnt down from the electrical issues they never fixed and I lost everything. I actually had to save the 4 people & 1 dog who lived below me. True Story. Blue Rock Property Group, truly great people over there.

  • Jason LLC 12 months ago

    Who hangs their gloves like that LOL?

  • Video Guy 74 12 months ago

    If this doesn’t bring you joy, you are dead inside

  • Alfred Pennyworth 12 months ago

    I can’t stand amber mcguffin or her brand of faumedy.

  • spy emerson 12 months ago

    Our landlord gave my son and I a 30 day notice on a one bedroom shack (with rats) so she could raise the rent from $2,500 to $4,000/month. May karma lead the way.


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