Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump’s Racist Tweets, Republican Support for Trump



  • Ronald Matthews 2 years ago

    Political debate anyone?

  • Dr. Decapod 2 years ago

    Never been the first view before…. Weird.

  • catalinacurio 2 years ago

    Finding something to laugh at at the moment is like looking for water in a desert during the last few horrid days! Thank You Seth, you help keep us sane! ????

  • Otaku Turtle 2 years ago

    I absolutely DIED at all these LOL

  • surakshya karki 2 years ago

    206th view 3rd comment

  • Larry White 2 years ago

    That video did prove something. Another example of trump lying. He said that he didn’t associate with Epstein and that showed that he had good taste. 2 whoppers of lies.

  • Walt Schmidt 2 years ago

    Seth the left wing scumbag mouthpiece parrot.

  • Oddjob 2 years ago

    Any Trump casino would now qualify as a totally broken and crime infested place.

  • Tommy Hill 2 years ago

    Look, I am social liberal but even I find Berkeley to be insufferable. And it is based on a lot more than just the manhole nonsense.

  • OPAL UK 2 years ago

    Has Isreal hypnotised Trumpet?

  • maldita peppas 2 years ago

  • Ronnie Baker 2 years ago

    The owner of Hooters sold out and started Twin Peaks. The new name for Hooters is Twin Peaks

  • Youssy B 2 years ago

    Trump supporter: We support LEGAL immigration! Key word being LEGAL!!!!!!!
    Ilhan: I came here legally.
    Trump supporter: Hey ummm I think I hear my sister-wife calling me. Gotta go.

  • shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn 2 years ago

    Broken and Crime invested areas. You don’t think that’s here in the U.S. Take a trip and read a local newspaper sometime. Yikes !

  • Ynwa #6 2 years ago

    Donald is the joke. ??

  • Mr. H 2 years ago

    “Torsos” more honest and appeals to a wider clientele.

  • Unicorn Hunter 2 years ago

    This whole pc thing is getting ridiculous. I’ve never seen a woman working on, in or near a manhole

  • Rick Ammon 2 years ago

    Donald Trump is now attempting to disavow the racist chanting by his supporters at his rally. He had control of the microphone and control of the crowd at his rally and he could have spoken up at the time and told the crowd that the Congresswoman they were chanting “send her back” IS an American citizen and a duly elected member of Congress but Donald Trump said nothing! It is only now after receiving such bad press for being anti-American and anti-Constitution that he has decided to attempt to disavow the racist behavior! Trump loved the crowd at his rally chanting “send her back”!

    I remember a town hall meeting being held by Senator McCain in which a woman in the audience who had been handed the microphone started making negative comments and stating lies about President Barrack Obama and Senator McCain IMMEDIATELY walked up to her and took the microphone from her hand and told the audience that what the woman stated wasn’t true or accurate. It would have been very easy for Senator McCain to permit that woman to make those comments about President Obama for the benefit of his political career and if the media called him out on it later he could have said that he didn’t say those things but this woman did. However, Senator McCain was a man of integrity who demonstrated his strength of character and his leadership ability by taking the microphone from the woman and correcting the record immediately. If Donald Trump tried to shut the crowd down there would be video proof of that moment but there is no such video because Donald Trump NEVER made any effort to put a stop to the chanting!

    A person can love America, be loyal to America and disagree with the president and/or members of Congress. The Founders of the Constitution refused to ratify the Constitution until the Bill of Rights was added because they were concerned that a central government could become too powerful and usurp the States rights and the rights of the citizens. The Founders wanted to make sure that every American had the guaranteed right to freedom of speech and the right to protest the government. Anyone who criticizes a person for exercising their Constitutional rights or attempts to interfere with the exercise of those rights is anti-American! Donald Trump has attacked the 1st Amendment to the Constitution by claiming that the media is fake news when the media accurately reports anything negative about him even though the reporting is accurate and true. Donald Trump has claimed that an American judge who is of Mexican heritage could not hear a case against Donald Trump without bias. Donald Trump has claimed that judges appointed by a president who was a Democrat could not follow the law and render an unbiased decision. Donald Trump had obstructed justice at least ten times during the Mueller investigation. Donald Trump is anti-American and anti-Constitution!

    For many years Donald Trump verbally attacked President Obama by claiming that President Obama was not born in the United States and he also attacked him for golfing too much, for reading from a teleprompter and for his policies. Using the logic of Donald Trump’s supporters that America is for Americans who love America and who are loyal to America a person can only conclude that Donald Trump must hate America and is anti-American for exercising his 1st Amendment right to free speech and for verbally attacking President Obama with outright lies. Therefore, one can only conclude that since Donald Trump is anti-American and anti-Constitution that he should return to the country of his ancestors, which is Germany. Can you see how ridiculous that assertion would be? If Trump supporters feel that Donald Trump should not be forced to return to his family’s country of origin then they should understand that telling any American citizen to return to their country of origin is just as wrong and goes against the freedoms provided to every American citizen under the Constitution!

    Donald Trump is attempting to delegitimize the democratically elected members of Congress, delegitimize the legitimate media, delegitimize the American Intelligence Agencies, Delegitimize the FBI, attack the Justice Department, attack and threaten any member of Congress who doesn’t support him 100%, attack our Courts and our judges and attacked NATO. Trump also has been attacking our allies such as Germany, Canada, England, and Australia while praising Putin of Russia, Erdogan of Turkey, Duterte of the Philippines, Xi Jinping of China, Kim Jong-un of North Korea and King Salman of Saudi Arabia and his son Prince Mohammed bin Salman. All of the leaders Trump praises have been accused of human rights violations and most of them have also been accused of having people who opposed them murdered. Trump has also refused to denounce the violence of the White Nationalists at Charlottesville and refused to say the White Nationalism and White Supremacy is a serious problem even though the majority of mass murders in America are caused by white males who viewed themselves as White Nationalists. Donald Trump has now told four Congresswomen who were duly elected by their constituents and who are American citizens to go back to where they came from because they are people of color. Donald Trump is a racist and a Fascist!

    Donald Trump is dangerous to the continuation of the experiment our Forefathers called American Democracy and everyday Americans like ourselves are in danger of losing the freedoms our Forefathers fought and died to achieve for a greater America.

    Trump calls himself a Nationalist, not a White Nationalist, just a Nationalist. Nationalism and Nationalists are a subset of Fascism and Nazism. Nazis were German white nationalists! Despite co-opting the name of Socialism and some of the socialist rhetoric by calling themselves the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, Hitler, and his Nazi Party had vastly different goals than that of socialists. The Nazis weren’t leftists or socialists, the Nazis were Fascists!

    Members of the Nazi Party who defended socialism were often ejected from the party, sent to concentration camps or even murdered. Hitler wasn’t a Socialist. Hitler was a Fascist with the desire to achieve total totalitarian power!

    Donald Trump has studied and admired Hitler and Donald Trump wants to turn America into a fascist country ruled by a totalitarian dictator, Donald Trump! Donald Trump has commented multiple times that maybe he should rule America for life, like Xi Jinping, the president of China.

    If you read the history of the Nazi Party, the history of Hitler, the history of Mussolini, and the history of the Fascist Party of Italy you will see parallels to what Donald Trump is doing in America that should make you scared for the future of America.

    Donald Trump wants to turn America into a Fascist State, much like Hitler did with Germany. Fascism emphasizes direct action, including supporting the legitimacy of political violence, as a core part of its politics. Fascism views violent action as a necessity in politics that fascism identifies as being an “endless struggle”. This emphasis on the use of political violence means that most fascist parties have also created their own private militias just like Trump talked about doing in conjunction with Erik Prince.

    Fascism promotes the establishment of a totalitarian state and it opposes liberal democracy, rejects multi-party systems and supports a one-party state. A major element of fascist ideology that has been deemed to be far-right is its stated goal to promote the right of a supposedly superior people who will dominate while purging society of supposedly inferior elements.

    Robert Paxton wrote an article identifying five stages of a fascist movement, although he notes that only Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy progressed through all five:

    1) Intellectual exploration, where disillusionment with popular democracy manifests itself in discussions of lost national vigor

    2) Rooting, where a fascist movement, aided by political deadlock and polarization, becomes a player on the national stage

    3) Arrival to power, where conservatives seeking to control rising leftist opposition invite classical liberals (capitalist, conservative elite) to share power

    4) Exercise of power, where the movement and its charismatic leader control the state in balance with state institutions such as the police and traditional elites such as the clergy and business magnates.

    5) Radicalization or entropy, where the state either becomes increasingly radical, as did Nazi Germany or slips into traditional authoritarian rule, as did Fascist Italy

    America is in Stage four and well on its way to stage five with Donald Trump radicalizing his base against duly elected members of Congress who are American Citizens by permitting his supporters to disavow the Constitution by permitting them to chant anti-American sentiment!


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