Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump’s Fox News Interview, Trump Jr.’s Book

Published on July 24, 2020

Seth’s favorite jokes from the week of July 20.

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  • Speaking for the trees 2 months ago

    Try using ecosia, they plant trees!

  • Paul Jansen 2 months ago

    nice jokes indeed..not a truly brilliant one though…surely there must be better Jokes on Trump around with all that potential material he gave lately..

  • MM 27 2 months ago


  • KaylaDawn Mahaffey 2 months ago

    SOOOOO sad that our morality has come to money and stock market holders. We have millions of small businesses closed forever, we have people who have lost their jobs and soon their supplemental insurance will expire, Congress taking away the $600 that we could use to buy private insurance during a pandemic, we have people who will be evicted soon, become homeless, houses will go back to the banks and the banks will become bankrupt and people in Congress are paid handsomely and never fear their health insurance will be gone or they will lose their houses, they are able to get tested and the best of health care when needed… this country is suffering and we are the laughing stock of the world. Don’t forget that some of our best citizens have died from this awful virus. Don’t tell me we should have all saved up and been secure. Some of us, millions of us, have worked essential jobs our whole lifes at minimum wage, sometimes working 2-3 jobs to be able to pay for our children’s/ families needs. Speaking of our children’s needs, don’t tell me to adapt when the Broadband here sucks, that’s above my prior pay grade! Greed has sucked the life out of the plans Jesus laid out for us. To help the the poor or those less fortunate. To be kind and filled with grace.

  • Sophie Churchyard 2 months ago


  • Ronald Scott 2 months ago


  • Bob bob 2 months ago

    hey Seth ya got my$? touch base or free passes to your show or a signed copy of Thorn birds! wtf ,, 🐭🥛☕🕶️🙏💰

  • كايدو جلاد الصعاليك 2 months ago

    Bruh don’t buy his book because I bought dumpy trumpy book and it’s tons of lies 😂

  • John O'Neill 2 months ago

    Don’t mind me! I got lost on my way to the Jimmy Fallon show.

    Kidding of course.

  • New Message 2 months ago

    “I don’t get it…”

    -Every Arby’s employee, and customer.

  • D Legionnaire 2 months ago

    THE MERCENARY 2020 now on Amazon and DVD…………..VIVE LE MORT

  • ThE DuCk 2 months ago

    Really KFC ?? Soylent Green that taste just like chicken ?

  • Stuart Cummins 2 months ago

    I know Drumph gives ALL late nite show hosts the most material than any other president in history. Why not do a show once a week where it’s all jokes, parodies, and sketches about Drumph? I think that might work with ALL the material this goofball gives in a week.

  • Olwen Morgan 2 months ago

    Trunt: A man who could make you laugh by wiping his arse with sandpaper.

  • Joel Hammer 2 months ago

    Person, woman, man, camera, TV???

  • Edward Johnson 2 months ago


  • Christopher Knight 2 months ago

    Wow…it really took you a week to find the jokes…nice!
    You should write for South Park.

  • IFStravinsky 2 months ago

    I like watching the shirts change color.

  • Michael Saint 2 months ago

    Seth Meyers is so funny it must have been the Talk of the Town I bet you his entire family just their knees wore out from slapping them so hard when they laugh when hecomes to visit

  • Arc Anon Drum 2 months ago

    Did everyone see the headlines?

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