Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Trump Fires Bolton, Oldest Person Ever to Give Birth



  • itsmepuja 1 year ago

    What about Friday episode? Please post the show clips from today too.

  • Native 1 year ago

    Best Wendy Williams video is when she Passed out live.. (she’s a terrible human being)

  • Lonely Wolf 1 year ago

    Trump banning products without tabaco .. that tells something

  • David Sharphead 1 year ago

    Yeah she’s still creeping looking…

  • Jaswant Kahlon 1 year ago

    He is a big fat joke all by himself !!

  • Pamela I m 1 year ago

    I bet Wendy isn’t a nice person. She is so full of herself, especially since her separation.

  • Sherrion Jenkins 1 year ago

    Lmao ?

  • Robert Caille 1 year ago

    Vaping injures and kills so many Americans. Unlike guns, tobacco and opiates.

  • AtheistCitizen 1 year ago

    not gi-cus but Hay-zeus

  • A Wee Scots Dog 1 year ago

    Trumpenstein’s Monster (aka The Making of John Bolton) – Fully Extended Version

    He worked through the day and the night
    To find the man who would be right
    For National Security
    He needed complete surety
    But alas there was no-one in sight

    Then he thought “wait, I know construction!
    And with some spare parts (and abduction)
    I’ll make one who distracts
    With illegal war acts
    So I can be cleared of obstruction”

    His creation (a Bolton) his neck
    Was secured to keep his head in check
    Then with buckles and belts
    Binding old human pelts
    The creature sat up and said “Heck!”

    But Trump soothed the beast saying “don’t fret
    I have not finished with you quite yet
    Although some bits are missing
    (Like the part that’s for p*ssing)
    Look I’ve got one right here, though it’s wet”

    So then Trumpenstein quickly started to fashion
    A system of pulleys to help him to lash on
    The assembly stage by stage
    Strapping on the appendage
    Saying “It will help first to get this moustache on

    For it will give me somewhere to grip
    While I ram this thing into your hip”
    Then Bolton said “to adhere
    You can grab onto each ear
    I can bear it, I’ll just bite my lip”

    Then with surgical keyhole precision
    Trumpenstein made his final incision
    And as he entered the beast
    Then came with passion released
    His shuddering climactic decision

    For Bolton, he was surely the man
    Who would do everything that he can
    To keep Trump satisfied
    With him deeply inside
    Consummately fulfilling his plan

    But suddenly as the monster came to
    Fully aroused for the first time, he knew
    Exactly what it meant
    To become sentient
    With a sensation, that inside him grew

    Bolton, it seemed, he had his own mind
    As his master was quite shocked to find
    His apparatus unique
    Was tangled around his freak
    So Trumpenstein was caught in a bind

    This consciousness with passion endowed
    Raging wildly, could not be allowed
    His dream, his creation
    An abomination
    He pitied his beast, no longer proud

    For Trumpenstein now sadly knew
    That the only thing he could do
    With Bolton was lock it
    Up fast and then shock it
    By putting ten thousand volts through

    But the monster, he could not be defeated
    It would write a memoir, that though conceited ,
    Would surely tell all
    About Trumpenstein’s ball
    And at it’s climax how Trumpenstein tweeted

    Thanks again to Double Don Tinder (of Double Don Tinder’s Double Entendres) for supplying the double entendres.

  • casbott 1 year ago

    *So have the Taliban confirmed it yet?*

  • Zorak0515 1 year ago

    Dang! Wendy looking like a real tranny. Her dick is probably bigger than this BBC.

  • Roman 1 year ago

    WOW, the host of this show is Hugh Laurie!

  • mrbear1302 1 year ago

    So what did he just dial – 1-800-tal-iban to get a hold of them? So he thinks the Dems don’t believe in religion……..Trump has been married how many times and has had how many affairs? He sure sounds religious to me! He will ban vaping due to a few deaths; however, won’t do anything about the thousands who have died due to mass shootings…….

  • xxxUPGRAYEDDxxx 1 year ago

    i love how these clips are always like 10% the volume of every other video.

  • Indi Pillai 1 year ago

    Is that a dude?

  • Matt Rutkowski 1 year ago

    No one gonna comment about how the title makes it sound like BOLTON was the oldest person ever to give birth?

  • Sergio Roche 1 year ago

    Wendy Williams looks like camel Joe

  • Rajvi Mehta 1 year ago

    The title writer needs to get a reward for this one! Trump fires Bolton, oldest woman to give birth…! Quite a list of ‘accomplishments’ this one has ??


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