Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Starbucks Christmas Cups, Ben Carson Under Fire



  • re11k 4 years ago

    Sounds like this guy has marbles in his mouth.

  • L Lawliet 4 years ago

    When will Donald Trump be on Seth Meyers’s show? Oh yeah, never!

  • Tom Herring 4 years ago

    Dr. Ben Carson, a prince among men.

  • PopeLando 4 years ago

    Seth, you don’t do jokes well, what you do well is the embellishment, the
    bits after the punchline. Your favourite jokes of the week aren’t funny if
    you cut out the part where you were actually funny. And why on earth was
    the Ben Carson separated fraternal twins one of your favourite jokes?? Even
    with the cutoff, you can tell how it didn’t get a laugh on the night!


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