Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars, Justin Trudeau

Published on September 20, 2019

Seth’s favorite jokes from the week of September 16.

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  • New Message 10 months ago

    As a Canadian, Id just like to say I’m also an American, so… I’m screwed either way.

  • vv dyme 10 months ago

    Im Canadian can’t wait to leave here

  • Tony S 10 months ago

    No No No Canadians will never say they’re Americans. Keep dreaming pal, not even close!

    P.S. I’m a US citizen.

  • omar1015 10 months ago

    Oh Canada, we’ll trade you Trump for Trudeau any day of the week

  • Zoe Kelly 10 months ago

    Nothing funny this week I guess.

  • Nidhin Jojy 10 months ago

    Glenn in the thumbnail was a clickbait!

  • Dale Marcell 10 months ago

    We all would cover ourselves in plastic bags then call ourselves Americans. And the really bad because we really hate plastic bags ?

  • Josee Larocque 10 months ago

    Wasn’t that bad!

  • Jim's videos 10 months ago

    0:50 Opening, lol.

  • zalazak sunca 10 months ago

    Hello Late Night team with Seth Meyers! I have been following you for a long time and support independent journalism. I made a video about one of the most beautiful hubs in the world, Manhattan. I hope you like it and that you will share the video from your longtime viewer. Once again all the best to all the viewers of Late Night with Seth Meyers !!

  • Karina Hunter 10 months ago

    HAHAHAHA It’s bad but I’m not sure there’s anything he could do that would make me lie and say I was involved in an election that Trump won (though, I’m not sure this comment will age well, we’ll see if I’m still laughing in a few weeks after our election is wrapped up, in Ontario we already have Doug Ford as premier – EMBARRASSING, and now the Conservative’s are leading the polls federally ARGHHHHH!)

  • Chase 10 months ago

    Yes, the multiple black face costumes were horrible… but the one Full body black face… I feel has more respect to it. Even trevor Noah thought so, plus he’d be smearing makeup everywhere and making some white people think he’s spreading color around would be funny too.

  • Todd Crabtree 10 months ago

    You can tell the cardboard cutout Trump is fake because it actually stands for something.

  • Miles Law 10 months ago

    That vagina museum joke tho lol

  • gspendlove 10 months ago

    I almost found the Clitoris Museum once, but when I got to where the map said it was, a guy in a hoodie was there on the sidewalk and he told me, “Sorry, wrong street.” So I gave up and went home.

  • Sean Ammon 10 months ago

    You mean you’re not gonna show it because your network wants as few people to see it as possible

  • mark long 10 months ago

    Seth Meyers is a racist

  • ssarah 10 months ago

    0:02 Seth and his cardboard cutout

  • Jo-Anne Gawley 10 months ago

    Seth, PUH LEASE have your writers include something about horrid Meghan McClueless on the view walking off the set because she felt that the lowly brown lady (Ana Navarro) had the audacity to ask her for respect and not to shout at her….while she was storming off the voice over for the show talked about what was coming up and the camera panned onto her just as the announcer said they were going to discuss the students walking out today. Not that I am comparing her to the students that walked out, they’re clearly more intelligent than Meghan could ever hope to be. Daddy’s money didn’t buy this lame duck a brain….. it just got her a free spot in college and on television where everyday she highlights how deplorably ignorant and selfish she is…..Great parenting, John, about as good as your piloting……was it 6 planes he crashed? How many millions each were they? What a Hero.

  • Walt Schmidt 10 months ago

    And as USUAL. Not a single scumocrat has anything good to say about the scumocrats, or the scumocrat party… bashing the President will GUARANTEE his Re-election… you turds can wallow in your own hate for four more years. Bwahaha


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