Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Sanders Endorses Biden, Tour de France Postponed

Published on April 17, 2020

Seth’s favorite jokes from the week of April 13.

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  • Pipe Tunes 3 years ago

    Next week without Seth and crew is gonna SUCK!

  • billy j 3 years ago

    Stimulus should stop paying billions to dead people and start paying adult college students with massive debt.

  • Joe Shaloom 3 years ago

    Biden is the Democrats greatest blunder in history.

  • ministerofdarkness 3 years ago

    Sleepy Joe 2021

  • Rick Blaine 3 years ago

    Trump only likes to receive French letters through his postal service.

  • Joe Lev 3 years ago

    Hollywood rapes children , that’s you Seth and your friends , seems the joke is on you , because there is a judgement day 💋

  • Judy 3 years ago

    love your commentary and it gives me something to laugh at while we’re all holed up. #Dump trump!

  • trey randall 3 years ago

    Candidate 1) He’s a rapist, a war criminal, and a racist.
    Candidate 2) he’s a rapist, a war criminal, a racist.
    Fun… Ugh.
    Guess vote green party?

  • John Orosz 3 years ago

    ♥ Love your commentary and it gives me something to laugh at while we’re all holed up. #Dump trump! Your show, especially “a closer look” segments, are so well thought out and often spoken much like I would like to hear them in D.C.

    Thanks! With a ‘friend’ like Trump, the USA doesn’t need any enemies.

  • o 3 years ago

    Thanks, Seth! Your show brightens my day. About the cupboard: I think your paper products stockpile is in there.

  • john carioscia 3 years ago

    Syph! Face it, your no Leno, in fact you or Fallon, Colbert, or Kimmel, couldn’t deliver a joke if it was “gift wrapped”.

  • New Message 3 years ago

    Maybe Donnie would be more friendly to the Postal Service if I stopped mailing him various orange fruits and gourds with his face drawn on them with a sharpie. I’ll… I’ll stop.

  • Prof L Axis 3 years ago

    Hold your nose and vote for Empty Joe.
    Sometimes it takes a puppet to beat a muppet.

  • Free Free 3 years ago

    Senile Joe is his own punchline. “Who’s on first?” “Am I Senator Biden now?”

  • Faithinhumanity 3 years ago

    Has anybody done anything to possibly prevent Trump from sneaking a bunch of officials into positions which would prevent him from being prosecuted should he be tried for mismanagement of the covid coronavirus situation in America. ( this is likely the real reason for his fit about intent to close congress )

  • Garfield Kitty Tales 3 years ago

    *STAY AT HOME* ~ Self-Isolate from outside influence 👏😁👏😁👏😁

    Mean while the *Russian green men* invade to Europe👏😁👏😁👏👽

  • Anita Pownall 3 years ago

    Put him on a stamp to get funding…awesome!😂

  • Jeffrey Eick 3 years ago

    Some of those were just Cringe .

  • PiterburgCowboy 3 years ago

    “Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Sanders Endorses Biden” Seems about right.

  • Uga 3 years ago

    Don’t suggest Trump on staps ! Then everybody would be forced to lick………please 🤫


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