Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Romney Joins Protestors, George Orwell’s 1984

Published on June 14, 2020

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  • Bruce Wayne 2 years ago

    This week at work I screwed up really bad. When I got called out on it I just yelled FAKE NEWS! and went back to slacking off. Thanks Trump.

    Oh and I hope Obama is doing well on your birthday.

  • Miso Mama 2 years ago

    we really see who his campaign supporters are..big business ..this is why he’s dismantling everything beneficial to the environment..he’s sucking up for more donations..hey corporate america..we hate you as much as we hate two pump chump trump…there is no saving grace for this man and your greediness in supporting just means you belong to his KKK Klan.

  • RansomeStoddard 2 years ago

    My favorite joke of his this week was when he called Trump a Racist Business Potato.

  • Rich Rue 2 years ago

    What exactly is Trump’s legacy?

  • RR 2 years ago

    at 0:55 Biden should literally reverse everything trumpski did for the last 4 years – during his inauguration address.

  • Mark Bollen 2 years ago

    LOVED It, Choice! I’m guessing the zombie apoocalypse looks a little bit different to hollywoods? Just to keep you off guard and not spot it happening? You Know People It is not Suicide if your Soul has abandoned you. It’s called catching back up with it and is quite cathartic. Give it a go Mr POE lice MAN. It’d be interesting to see who can empty the entire clip of their service revolver into their head first. Prior to non functionality. The Poe LICE have caused me to consider that Mr. Trump is on the right path. Annihilate all scum. Those of us who have cherished and cared for our souls (Mostly found amoung the non participants) are quite satisfied with taking a pew, grabbing a beer, and to take in the show, It’s way better and slightly more aggressively assertive, than football!

  • Anthony Lalli 2 years ago

    Seth still did not do HIS job yet? Maddow did not do her job either.

  • ConTroller 2 years ago

    What I’ve learned from trump is to say ” I just do things” like Joker did to Two face in Batman as I stay in character to horrify my parents for best rating.

  • Big Wig 2 years ago

    It’s ironic seth doesn’t have anything to say about CHAZ

  • Sandy Allen 2 years ago

    Seth gives the best Trump impression

  • Asa Coe 2 years ago

    I’ve been saying this for three years,

    “Right wingers, and #NeroTrumpManson SSupporters,
    1984 called, you are needed back in room 101. 🙄😒.”

    And today it’s more appropriate then ever!

  • Asa Coe 2 years ago

    Lmsao 😅😉
    It becomes truer everyday.
    The term, “as dumb as a box of rocks,” will be now be changed to,

    “as dumb as a house full of Trumps.”

    Enjoy 😜

  • Asa Coe 2 years ago

    Lmsao 😂 😆 See, actually they can’t see.
    Why can’t conservatives change a lightbulb?
    Because they fear change, and prefer, living in the dark.

    Yes it’s an old joke,
    old as this archaic conservative jackass pedophile sympathizing party!!!

    They’re more dangerous than a Catholic priest at a Cub scout meeting on epstein’s island hosted by ISIS funded ICE.
    Lmsao 🤔😄😂🤮😜

  • Asa Coe 2 years ago

    As “We” “stand on Zanzibar,” in this “Brave New world.” I witness, being a “stranger in a strange Land,”their self induced “Fahrenheit 451” book burning parties as “big brother” disguises himself as freedom, inciting them to vote for their own demise.

    Or Trump can F🤬ck off.

    Lmsao 😉

  • Jeanette Schock 2 years ago

    It makes me ill that he says he’s pro-life. Repealing protections on the environment IS NOT PRO-LIFE! Love you Seth

  • Al 2 years ago

    Humpler is a bad joke

  • GREY Wolf 2 years ago

    Trump: “The virus is a hoax”

    Trump: “You will need to sign a waiver to attend my rally”

  • Gryffindor Equestrian Girl 2 years ago

    Hey, I’m glad Mitt Romney took a stand. Good on him.

  • gaetan legrand 2 years ago

    Merci Merci Seth you and your team are the best ……tres drole une fois de plus merci du Québec


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