Seth’s Favorite Jokes of the Week: Bird Poop, Joe Biden’s Continued Gaffes



  • Collin McLean 1 year ago

    First! Woohoo! Comment and view and like, triple threat!

  • Jerry David 1 year ago

    Remember when we didn’t even know or care who the news anchors were?

  • Amy O 1 year ago

    I saw the bonnet bird poop police video. Those cops should be charged for civilian assault. Racist pigs. I hate cops.

  • RIXRADvidz 1 year ago

    You can tell Seth LIKED these jokes. Popsicle SChtick. not so much.

  • Ahmad Halis 1 year ago

    WTF! I always thought Jake Tapper and Chris Cuomo were the same person. Never made the connection until the Fredo video. Damn.

  • mad honeybee 1 year ago

    “Gee, let’s think about it a bit… That bird poop tested positive for cocaine! The Birds are the Cartel, they are filling up and flying over the border under the radar, no one expects the frogging birds! Better watch out, first, it is drugs, next, Mexicans… Hurry Quick! Get out the Cyanide Cannisters!!!”

    FFS!!!!!!! What is wrong with everyone? Too many ‘cursed mystery demon-infested Dybbuk Boxes’ sold & opened in the USofA the past 4 years? What is it? Are Y’all possessed? I gotta tell each & every one of ya the BS is getting waders deep. We are trying to keep a sense of humor, but is it much more than Gallows humor at this point? It kinda feels like the kinda humor the ones at the end of a long line of convicted innocent souls waiting their turn with the hangman would have? Or is it just Me? Peace, we all need it. IMHumbleO

  • Big Wig 1 year ago

    Funny how seth has nothing to say about Epstein having a portrait of Bill Clinton in a dress. I bet if he had a portrait of Trump in a dress Seth would have talked about it all year

  • Jordan Beasley 1 year ago

    Jokes of the week is the laziest segment they do, but I genuinely love the jokes all week long on this show. If wasn’t for Colbert’s Monologue and Seth’s Closer Look, I never would have started watching these shows but now I watch every late night show I can. I need the laughter and they do a good job.

    So go ahead, make this lazy segment every Friday, take a little break and go home early. You’ve got a great staff, Seth.

  • Jeremy Gregorio 1 year ago

    Man I wish Biden would drop out. If anyone could list it’s him.

  • MrLordbubasith 1 year ago

    I pulled a “Joe Biden” one NewYears
    i was so drunk my friends i spent 45 minutes looking for my car till we remember that we, thinking ahead of time, had come by Taxi. True story.

  • CJ -LF 1 year ago

    Tapper is a corporate shill…I’m out.


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