Seth Toasts to Dry January In Partnership with Heineken 0.0

Published on January 22, 2021

Seth and Late Night writer Ally Hord toast to Dry January with Heineken 0.0 with zero alcohol.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Conservative Media 2 months ago

    Modelo is way better.

  • rascally rabbit 2 months ago


  • damp doily 2 months ago

    too much hops in the heineken 0

  • Teague10 Plays 2 months ago

    Nothing funnier than two white people completely ignoring MLK day.

  • AffRobi 1887 2 months ago

    Heineken is in no way a beer. I

  • Fawn Frauscht 2 months ago

    Seth is low-key Daddy in that thumbnail.

  • Seth Larson 2 months ago

    Ya could had a giant Heine fight a giant o’douls or something. Or like had o’douls stumble in and be like,”but I was your first near beer”. I guess what im trying to say is, this could been better.

  • Catani 2 months ago

    Heineken 0.0 is piss…. Horrible if you actually know how beer actually has to taste

  • Houssain Al ahmafi 2 months ago

    Fun fact: Heineken is a dutch brand beer but almost no one in Holland drinks it because they think it tastes like piss

  • R 2 months ago

    Shameless ad is shameless

  • Thomas Warford 2 months ago

    I hope youtube got paid to promote this.

  • Rageborne 2 months ago

    Sorry…I couldn’t comprehend this video. It appeared as just a description of holidays and…nothing else.

    *Takes a drink of Jack and Coke*

  • Duane Andrew Black 2 months ago

    For all the Fd up alcoholics that need the taste of beer. This trend is dumb.

  • jacob ratliff 2 months ago

    These make me very uncomfortable.

  • Mark Coulter 2 months ago

    Seth I bet your glad you can Kind of go back to normal shows now, well now that Trump is gone. I am from Scotland and even I am relieved Trump is no longer in power. So I cannot imagine how happy you all are. Well let’s hope President Biden(my god that feels great) can start to undo all the faults and problems the Trump Admin put in place. God bless you all have a fantastic 2021 (covid depending) God bless again, take care and please be safe

  • Vikman Photography 2 months ago

    Who drinks beer just for the taste?

    All all for non-alcoholic beverages but there’s already way better options. Ginger beer for example isn’t alcoholic and actually tastes good.

  • cattack1988 2 months ago

    Heineken is commercialized
    sewer water. Nobody really drinks it here but it still gets sold across the world but for Premium price. That’s the Dutch for ya. We sell ice to a eskimo.

  • Jon Adamich 2 months ago

    oof, well we know they have to do it every once in a while. Just put it out of your minds lol

  • Garrick Philp 2 months ago

    If you want a dry January drink Sauvignon Blanc.

  • Fred Jewell 2 months ago

    Dry January? I’ll drink to that.


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