Seth Shares Desperate Email Subject Lines from the Democratic National Committee

Published on November 4, 2022

Seth shares some of the emails he’s received in the past few weeks from the Democratic National Committee.

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  • Demetrios Christopher 3 months ago

    Fudge both parties … if you can’t produce decent candidates, it’s not my problem. Throwing (my) money at the problem is not the solution. We had a chance in 2016 … it’s called Bernie … and his own party fudged him over. Enjoy the fruit of your labors, DNC.

  • chas in lakewood 3 months ago

    Seth & Co. continue to mine bits where no other late nights dare tread.

  • Peter Bathum 3 months ago

    ow. and the gop spends 300 million dollars from anonymous sources (russian oligarchs, saudiis, north korea) and the democratic voters are supposed to combat that by giving them 2 gallons of milk worth of a donation. All politicians that take PAC money work for the corporations; both parties. For now at least the democrats are committed to democracy and helping the average person,versus republicans wh embrace fascism and openly work for corporations…

  • Alec Y Not. 3 months ago

    So America has to pay for YOU to Vote? WTF is that, some system you have there? The best Government you can Buy! Check the refund policy!

  • Rick Lovelaec 3 months ago

    These look like the emails that I kept getting from the RNC trying to get money for donny,

  • ZOSO900 3 months ago

    For most of these politicians, the amount they get out of regular people is a drop in the bucket compared to the corporate PAC money they get, and of course they’ll serve whoever gives them more. It’s only really worth it to support the ones who proveably take no PAC money at all.

  • Pea Oat 3 months ago

    Good premise for a dystopian movie: “In a world where giving cash has become the only way to help and still doesn’t guarantee it will do anything good…”

  • Peter Hall 3 months ago

    This made me laugh more than in a long time. It is so real. The politicians are not sending them, just low level party staff.

  • blackpointmaine 3 months ago

    Button box.

  • power david 3 months ago

    The MAGA nuts must love seeing late night hosts making fun of Democrats.

  • PaleoGreg 3 months ago

    Getting all these emails has got me thinking maybe total global annihilation wouldn’t be so bad.

  • ronkirk50 3 months ago

    I donated for the first time ever to my Democrat candidates in FL. It is a sad state of affairs that most of our elections are determined by how much campaign money can be raised AND that the obscenely rich and corporations can flood elections with money that the side (us) can never match. The only winners in this distortion of our democracy are the media and Madison Ave. political ad producers.

  • Rosemary Schlick 3 months ago

    Thanks, I get about 100 e-mails every day. I’m worn out, and sick of both corporate whorehouses. Enough.

  • Skaitan 3 months ago

    Sorry, I can’t tell if these are real or not. Are US political parties legitimately begging people for election money via email so they can have more rallies and adverts to beg people for even more money? And a vote, I assume, although hearing this, the actual voting almost seems like a welcome by-product of the democratic process to them.

  • Perry Belcòurt 3 months ago

    Seth is one of the best comedians in America and I’m a Canadian and our friends and relatives and community always watch your show better than most news outlets and Jimmy Fallon said he would vote for Trump over Sanders maybe Jimmy Fallon is a anti semitic

  • Al69BfR 3 months ago

    US campaign financing system is weird. I don‘t get it. Everything is regulated by the amount of money not by the quality of your content. Is that the American Dream? 🤔

  • Bibliophile Lady 3 months ago

    This is so nit-picky, but in the short story “Button Button” by Richard Matheson, Norma and Arthur were offered only $50,000 to press the button. Even if you account for inflation, from 1970 until now, $50,000 would only be $382,484.54, not a million dollars.

  • Chris Tomashek 3 months ago

    I have ABSOLUTELY been inundated with emails like this from Democrats for years now. Even the last one hit close to home, surprisingly.


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