Seth Rogen Takes The Colbert Questionert

Published on June 11, 2021

If you don’t know his favorite smell, or what he thinks happens when we die, do you really know Seth Rogen? #Colbert #TheColbertQuestionert #SethRogen

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  • Oriana 11 months ago

    seth ❤

  • Leon Estello 11 months ago

    Oh I’m getting high for this one

  • THOMAS MILLER 11 months ago

    Sending a Bong is always a thoughtful gesture

  • Poe Lou Chan 11 months ago

    Just ask the fucking questions!

  • Mr. Bongs BurgH 11 months ago

    Ugh he’s really leaning in on that stupid laugh….it’s annoying like that giggling little girl falon

  • Ivares Kesner 11 months ago

    Where did the rest of Seth Rogan go?

  • AFishBicycle 11 months ago

    It’s hard to get rid of good sturdy boxes. I get it

  • Le Lurve 11 months ago

    wow that blue vase! ive been waiting to see that in stephen’s hand! this is a good, happy conclusion to the storage room episodes (i was sad to hear it earlier)

  • Truck Shepard 11 months ago

    1. Muffalata
    2. Old phones
    3. Here? Aggro dogs.
    4. Oranges plain, but apples if peanut butter is available.
    5. Yes, but only niche internet celebs.
    6. I don’t know. Just hoping the answer is something.
    7. Mad Max: Fury Road, with John Wick 3 as close second.
    8. First rain in a while ionization in the air.
    9. Sink full of dishes that I’ve been putting off for 2 weeks.
    10. Yes, but it still fails to motivate me.
    11. Flat. I want to get hydrated, not burp uncontrollably.
    12. Overcast
    13. No good choice. All songs will be ruined. Bohemian Rhapsody for variety?
    14. 7
    15. I’m not done yet. Falafel.

  • Stu Padasso 11 months ago


  • why are we always yelling 11 months ago

    Question number one to be how does it feel to turn your back on your friend
    It won’t be long until his scandal comes out.

  • K K 11 months ago

    iTunes is an app.

  • Shaun Smith 11 months ago

    The rest of my life in 5 words is
    Please delete my browser history.

  • Chris Harland 11 months ago

    Seth Rogan can’t riff.

  • WhiskySiN 11 months ago

    Maybe Seth will be sober for the next intetview

  • Can Tüz 11 months ago

    Whenever I watch this segment I daydream about being asked these questions and answering “human” as the most dangerous animal. I hope someone does…

  • JM Dub 11 months ago

    Seth Rogan is just two teeth away from having a completely toothless smile

  • shav muttley 11 months ago

    A hot dog is not a sandwich, but a bbq’d sausage in white bread with onions and sauce is. Go figure

  • deviljon 11 months ago

    Could have sworn that was Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Fantasmister 11 months ago

    A hotdog IS a sandwich. Perhaps the only closed/open sandwich hybrid, uniting the peoples of the world in their love for cylindrical offal.


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