Seth Recaps Tiny Secret Whispers’ Latest Dramatic Episode

Published on April 21, 2021

Seth takes a moment to talk about the most recent complicated episode of his favorite show Tiny Secret Whispers.

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  • fanatamon 9 months ago

    Yes first comment. I like the show.

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte 9 months ago

    Tell Amazon to make it real with their cash.

  • Dean Moulton 9 months ago

    Seth, you would have loved “The Guiding Light”

  • %%%%% 9 months ago

    Do you have any Black’s working for you??????🤔🤔🤔

  • Starman Dx 9 months ago

    Butter me up for ButterNut. I’m nuts for it. They’re killin’ it with the content.
    Also, I heard a rumor that Scollin’s is writing a new batman series based on one of his foes: The Holiday Killer.

  • Robbin Ridunk 9 months ago

    Okay, admittedly, this is the first episode of Tiny Secret Whispers’ I’ve gotten the recap on. Oh my god, though, I”m so HOOKED! The DRAMA!!!!

  • Sarah S 9 months ago

    “compelling” – NYT, “A masterpiece” – Rolling Stones, “The waiter did a great job of emoting” – Buzzfeed, “I hate gibson’s food” – Reddit

  • Noah Millette 9 months ago

    In my head this show is a Quibi

  • Manic 23 9 months ago

    Only 7 mins but….Twas a classic episode.

  • Autumn 9 months ago

    Genuinely, truly, actually, this sounds like it would be a very funny satire/soap opera parody

  • Ken Campbell 9 months ago

    Did I read that there is a big screen version planned? Can’t wait!

  • Amanda Zell 9 months ago

    I love hearing about this show. This is better than the Sea Captain. Keep telling us about this show…..are their any other shows on Butternut we should watch? Please have more suggestions!

  • MammaMia 9 months ago

    I didn’t mind the episode was only 7 minutes long but it was interesting that to hide that from first viewing they slowed the credits scroll to cover 20 minutes

  • Unicorn Selene 9 months ago

    Gibbsons with two b’s made me irrationally angry

    Why was I more interested in this fake show plot line than I have been about a real series since, idk, maybe Breaking Bad? That’s not healthy.

  • Leigh Hile 9 months ago

    What’s Detective Delgado up to??? We haven’t seen him for a few episodes, and you KNOW he’s wrapped up in this somehow.

  • Enyavar Nathis 9 months ago

    Seth, I can’t believe that you missed this completely: After the regular credits and about ten seconds of black screen, the second part of the episode just aired normally! There was a part two (including another credits roll) and then a short part three (the final part, but without rolling credits).
    Now, unless you recorded the time slot, you have to wait for the box release to ever see that important content again!

  • Joseph Van 9 months ago

    Seth Meyers is living proof that you need not be smart or funny to make a living on late night TV.

  • S. Pociecha 9 months ago

    Adorable, Seth! (And you can omit the comma if you like.) I thought episodes shot entirely on a single set were known as “bridge episodes”, as in Star Trek. Where, pray tell, does the term “bottle episode” come from? (I did google it, but don’t see any explanation of the etymology of the phrase.)

  • Filosa Zahra 9 months ago

    Is this show real? I’m intrigued, it sounds so good. I’ve googled it but nothing

  • Jason Kelly 9 months ago

    Is this like a made up show like Fred Armisen or what?

  • Eric David 9 months ago

    Who else here is Team Annabelle?

  • Cat Jab 9 months ago

    Gibbson’s (With 2 B’s) has THE best chicken fries.

  • Angel Fletes 9 months ago

    It was only a 7 minute episode 🤣

  • Jeremy Lewis 9 months ago

    I’m mad that Seth has me caring about a show that I have not watched or probably can’t even find. Just saying. S**t is getting good! Lol

  • Oigetit Fake News Filter 9 months ago

    Waiter seems sus, I think he’s the killer

  • WaspandUnicorn 9 months ago

    Seth should get a walk on roll for all the free publicity he’s giving these guys! I didn’t even know this show was a thing until Seth started taking about it.

  • Leonardo Ramírez 9 months ago

    Today I Learned this isn’t a real show. God damn you Seth, you are good.

  • Barbara Joseph-Adam 9 months ago

    I wish Seth had written recaps for Television Without Pity. It would’ve been awesomesauce!

  • Onalenna Vuyokazi Nhlumayo 9 months ago

    And they would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that meddling kid and his phone lol. Can’t wait for the next episode

  • Smartie1B 9 months ago

    So good! 👏👏👏😄😄😄

  • Smartie1B 9 months ago

    “Attabelle” is the best name ever!

  • Meredith Ellis 9 months ago

    Ahhh, the 7 minute episode. Perfect length. Does that mean Butternut puts the ads in every 2 minutes or so? Yikes! Get The ad-free version, so worth it!!

  • MilwJay 9 months ago

    omfg dont even get me started
    (about restaurant mgmts)

    nevermind that I worked 8yrs at an upscale superpopular and busy place managed by a similar sort of clueless dictator ( he was a crackhead, which i found out later and which explained his psycho behavior & moodswings)

    no lets go to a story where i was a customer at a midsized eatery where i went, myself, solely because i wanted a baked potato and it seemed to be the only type of place, nearby, i could think that might have one on a lunch menu

    sure enough they have baked potatoes on the menu so its the first thing i order from the disinterested meangirl of a waitress.

    her response is: “you cant have that”

    i wait a few beats for some explanation, but nothing.

    so, ok, fine. game on.
    I say:
    “well thats what i want”
    .. and i wait.

    she goes: “the kitchen wont make that”
    she gives zero explanation,
    and i seek none, cuz its on the fucking menu
    I say: “well thats not good enough”.

    shocked & speechless she spins & walks away in a huff.
    immediately a snippy young manager appears and only says:
    “you know we dont have to serve you”
    attracting the attention of the two ladies lunchin at the next table

    i say: “why wouldnt you want to serve me?”

    “because of how you spoke to my server” he says

    “do you even want to hear my side?” i say.

    the ladies are watching, the snot is trapped,
    i calmly explain myself, which he completely does not care about, he only wants to bully a customer to please his meangirl buddy, but he cant, and ppl are watching, so he sputteringly takes my simple sandwich order
    (no potato available apparently)
    and intentionally leaves without asking about a beverage.
    whilst he is gone i walk up to the bar, get a drink then return to my table. when snippy returns and sees that i got beverage anyways, and fast, he is visibly enraged that i went around him.

    I ate my nontampered-with meal
    (i checked),
    paid & left, without further ado.

  • zizinnnn 9 months ago

    now I KNOW Fred Armisen is writing this insanity

  • Jane Thalken 9 months ago

    i bet seth writes these but i swear mulaney helps

  • Jack B 9 months ago

    This is why you don’t propose to your true love at a Brazillian restaraunt
    Because Sarah, your waiter, doesn’t think you look like a good match, and WILL bring out the Tenderloin at the moment of truth just to break the gravitas

  • susan 9 months ago

    The brussel sprouts ARE poison!

  • Raffaele Calvia 9 months ago

    I swear to god Seth is being possessed by the spirit of John Mulaney

  • RALEIGH MORRISVILLE 9 months ago

    That was wonderful

  • M. Banerjee 9 months ago

    Wow. Was not expecting any of those turns. This is a true prestige drama.

  • Carly Ferdman 9 months ago

    In 2013, the affair dating site Ashley Madison reported that more cheaters have dates at Gibson’s than anywhere else in Chicago. So thank you Tiny Secret Whispers for really doing your research.

  • Beatriz N 9 months ago

    I love any opportunity to see seth do 3 minutes of pure improv

  • Airvice 9 months ago

    love these

  • seth 9 months ago

    If it’s a bottle episode that’s all filmed at the restaurant, then the last scene is at the beach, then it’s not really a bottle episode, is it? I’m starting to think he’s making this stuff up.

  • Beth 9 months ago

    Oh my God… What’s Leese gonna do? Is she gonna be mad at Annabelle — or the waiter???

  • Christine Sutton 9 months ago

    I can’t wait till next week Seth! I mean… what’s up with all the blankets at the beach house? Is she hiding something under them? And who else sees the accident poisoning of the wrong patron by the waiter coming? Just saying, I really wish I could afford this network. hahaha ! Seth is doing a service here

  • Dragana 9 months ago

    What kind of music is in Gibbsons stake restaurant ?

  • Dragana 9 months ago

    What kind of music is in Gibbson’s stakehouse restaurant ?

  • Radcliff Misseri 9 months ago

    God damn it. I laughed way way too hard at that brilliant ending for this weeks Secret Tiny Whispers. If Seth ever wants to win an Emmy by allowing this to be adapted for a miniseries, I’ll write it.

  • Chris Fletcher 9 months ago

    I watched that episode and loved it! I can’t believe annabelle did that 😢

  • AlJalandhari 9 months ago

    For those wondering you can only watch Butternut with a British VPN but you have to pay for it with a Dutch card, luckily you get can virtual pre-paid Dutch cards online. Hope this helps 😉

  • Jared Gallant 9 months ago

    Sounds like the story in the song “Long Black Veil”.

  • Ro G 9 months ago

    Y’all wondering what this is all about now, but just wait until the Sea Captain makes his appearance.

  • Jeanette Schock 9 months ago

    See 420. Seth is Sooooooo stoned

  • Timmah200 9 months ago

    Imagine someone writing down everything he said since he started this running gag and is currently working on scripts…

  • 4thGradeReadingLevel 9 months ago

    This episode really gave me a hankering for a steak from the real Gibson’s with one B. It’s no joke. Also I’m glad they found a little extra budget to have the cliffhanger at a second location.

  • Bob Builds Brix [Robert Kaine] 9 months ago

    Every knows Gibsonn’s (with two Ns) is the LEGIT steakhouse

  • Fenline Scouser 9 months ago

    I’m beginning to wonder whether one (or both) of the twins are adept at ventriloquism. Now that would explain an awful lot!


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