Seth Meyers Presents Late Night’s “Baby, It’s Cold Outside 2018”

Published on December 21, 2018

Seth presents a performance of Late Night’s brand new non-problematic version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for you to enjoy this holiday season.

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  • TayToria 1 year ago

    I understand it can trigger some people and get why radio pulled it, but it shouldn’t be pulled from platforms for the people who want to buy/stream the song.

    Edit: Amber and that dress look amazing

  • Waseem Alame 1 year ago

    first comment ? lol

  • Waseem Alame 1 year ago

    damn he beat me by 3 seconds

  • Alternative Spicer 1 year ago

    I clicked because of Amber but she’s just in for about 15 seconds!
    This is not cool, Seth!

  • Rifki N R 1 year ago


  • Big Wig 1 year ago

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  • Georgia L 1 year ago

    All that set building for 10 seconds of air. Nice set tho ! ☃️

  • WhyTheHorseface 1 year ago

    Such bullshit. Girls don’t want the nice guy. That’s the guy who’s “their best friend”. We are doomed. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship” fucking trash.

  • Invert Your Cross 1 year ago

    Everyone sucks now

  • lking1540 1 year ago

    Well, the dems ruin another thing people love, way to go.

  • The Wogan Transformers bloke 1 year ago

    I love Amber Ruffin ?

  • Shivam Jaiswal 1 year ago

    Brace yourselves.. Triggered people are coming!


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